Thursday, December 30, 2010

The monuments swallowed by time

(Specially for Dr. Dheerandra and Karen S.)

Like the remnant of winter snow
They disappear from my life
A sudden shock not anticipated at all
Leaving me alone gasping for air of spring.
Painful indeed to bear this tragedy
Two friends within four weeks
Unto the unknown endlessness
Left me with twinging heart to bear the loss.
I wish them all that good things they can gather
From their deeds here for hereafter
Divinely blessed indeed this friendship
Which last timelessly without conditions.
Friends are rare gems
Some shines well, some don't 
Once they capture our heart they do stay long
Till nature bids the friendship a good bye.

Many seasons may pass by
Many friends may come by
This void will inevitably remain
For the seasons to come may crave for them.

Goodbye my friends.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Law of Nature

Let the rose blooms and sway
To the wind, that blows everyday
For what the law says
It is but nature’s way.
Let the rose withers away
In the heat of the day
For what the law says
It is but nature’s way too.

When the time has come
Is there anything that to be done?
Beyond the hands and our minds
The universe lays the law called time.
It works not whimsically
But, in woven pattern precisely
And it operates the same way without a second delay
From the beginning until eternity with utmost ingenuity.

We like it or not we have to learn to live by it
For the law have placed among us clear guides
To obey the command without any transgression
Alas!! we stumble many times before we realize we have fallen.
We may cry, we may wail
We may smile, we may laugh
The same law applies to all
As the mind perceive it to be
Accordingly the action is released,

Reaction awaits.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 261210.

Friday, December 24, 2010


24 December 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Its approaching.....

I wish all my blogger friends and silent readers 
of my blog an advance





 Countdown starts......

23 December 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

She stole my heart

The romance began
With the evening sun setting in
Colors of reddish golden streaks
Fill my heart with the splendorous joy.
The alluring look slowly graced the space
With the eyes open wide she entices time to a standstill
The irides that belong to celestial realm in deep glow
Rendering sparkles precious than that of any gems.
The trees and leaves, the mountains and moon
Jealousy glaring as she bares her beautiful feet
With a move calm but firm her walks she made
Across the space in the dusky twilight.
I stood there in deepest contemplation ever
As if constellation of stars in togetherness
She appeared with luscious elegance
And I could feel the adrenalin trickles down my spine.
Her hands coated with satin like skin
She gracefully wrap her arms around me
Whispering moans of heightened ecstasy
Its bright again, and the dream ended.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved221210


Silence breaks in silence
Everything passive
Inactivity in full control
Only the wall to grin at
And ceiling to look up
In solitary play
I win the game with the shadow,
Smiling at the shadow 
I know I am bored
Not a soul to tap awhile,
Cascading indeed
This boredom!!

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved221210

I wander alone

From one thought to another
From sensations, internal
To sensations, external
I wander alone.

Life a swing
Between the past
And the future
Trapped in the present,
Deceiving sensuousness
Feeds the receptors
And I wander alone.

The breakthrough anticipated
Never seems to come by
In exile I am placing myself
And again I wander alone.

From chrysalis to moth
The delight of beauty
Soothing but rough,
Life continues
And I wander alone.

I am not chemical
Nor just sex
I am not physical
Nor just spirit
I culminate in all
As I lose me
In the seas of super sensuousness

And, my wandering continues.…

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved221210

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The shine, uncertain

I open my window
And see the sky clouded with darkness
I extend my hand
And push the clouds a little.
I notice the sun smiling shyly at me
And I received her warmth dearly
Gleaming with rays brilliant
The sun embraces me with brightness.
I am basking in its radiance with sighs of relieve
When the light burst at the seams
A little expansion began to well within,

How long it will remain
To drag me into another longing?
For a ray of tangible hold
To bring a stay long in my heart?

That uncertainty
Looms over me.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved211210

Monday, December 20, 2010

The healing voice

The thundering illusion of pain
Suddenly disappeared in the coolness
Of a gentle and honeyed voice.
That very moment layers of pain
In nudity began to whine and vanish
I know somehow I am freed tonight
For the clutch of devil is no more haunting
The power of a voice I heard is dominating.
In gentle words the voice spoke long
Suffusing me with the depth of the universe
Eternally my gratitude I owe to her the bearer of the voice.
I shall say a palatial mansion made of diamond
Is still worthless to measure with the voice I heard tonight
That sweetness I wish to last forever playing in my ears.

The thundering illusion of pain
Suddenly disappeared in the coolness
Of a gentle and honeyed voice.
A meeting I am anticipating
The sooner the better my conscience telling me
Alas!! She decides when to appear and disappear,

But in waiting I shall be here always.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved211210

Reigning pain

Fierce indeed
The brunt of burnt emotion,
Rivers of hope
Find almost no place in its flow.
This night the fire is burning wild
In emptiness the self wallow,
The deadliest beast is set to roam
In this sleepless night I am gone.
I understand not me
I understand not the pain
I understand not the reason
I understand not the teardrops.
This night is the usual night
I know it is just another night
But, why this fright
Of losing everything in sight?
Ferociously mounting on me
The sorrow from the dungeon's depth
The claws invisible yet sharp
Unto the heart’s vein it pierces deep.
The rein is weakening
Shadow of hope glimmers distantly
I know I may not reach there soonest
Will that distant reach me now?

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved201210

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The song I hear again…

This song I have heard many times before
While awake and even in my dream
And again, it is playing once more
Plundering the abyss of my mind.
Nothing is void in its play
Everything comes spiraling
Reminding the scratches that bleed
And the shattered pieces of happiness lying still.
This song I know have been here long
Playing melancholic rhythms of anticipation,
With deadliest sting the song I hear again
Its grip is gaining upper hand.
People say forget the past wounds
Let’s look for a healing bond
And I have said the same to many
Only to beholder made be known the excruciation.
Beckoning light of hope shining still
I am in full awareness of that truth
Yet I am plunging deep into the torment
Of the freezing winter and burning summer.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved201210

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The moment

Oh! this moment
I wish in perpetuity remains
The serenity of the romance
That soothes the soul.
Hot chocolate and
A lady full of care and love
In blue chiffon gown
And benevolent eyes.

In fullness of a shortest stay
Time flies by jealously
Guarding her zealously
I am awakened
Everything vanishes.
And I see eternity
In perpetual flow
As I walkout from the dream
leaving my shadow with her.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 181210.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My friend I wish to speak to you…..

I am eager to speak to my friend
Who has been with me
From the first breath I inhaled
And up till now I know
my friend is still around watching me.

Yet this illusive traveler in time
Always play with my elusive mind,
That a vision of him I hardly see
Not even in my deadly slumber.

My friend before I depart for good
Let me at least meet you once,
I wish to have a good chat with you
So I may prepare myself for you
Prior to your arrival.

You are honest and precision is your ultimate
I know you value time the most
And appointment made is always met
Irrespective of place and time, race and religion.

Let me speak to you once my friend
So that, gladly I may depart with you,
I know from birth I am chained to you
And a meeting with you may break the chain for good.

Oh my friend, the unwelcome predator of nature
When can I immerse in your beauty and wonder?
Allow me a little gap to a still moment
To brush shoulder with you
Before you decide whether I am fit or not
To be added unto your long list of appointments.

My friend Death, you are not a fiend to be feared
Let in the stillness of my thoughts we meet and talk
And grace me to relinquish that fear which kills me alive
Before I end up in you, one fine day.

(Posted elsewhere before 020807)

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 121210.

She my soul

Today the breeze whispers cold
Missing the beauty immersed divinely
The exquisite touch of the gentle steps
The earth misses that so much.
The twinkling diamond unparalleled indeed
Compared to the sparkling eyes enshrined there
The smiling lips I wish it keep moving
Uttering consolation in silent expression.
The iridescent silky hair let it fly rhythmically
Patting the breeze which whispers cold
She kills me with her silent look
In that smile, I see the whole universe
The energy that warms my heart
Heals the sorrow of that my mind wallows.
I am happy one moment
I am dejected another moment
I wonder why.
But, I don’t want to know the answer
Her presence is I want to be there
Throughout my life
To cry with my tears
To laugh with my laughter.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 121210

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A shadow in my heart

Her sweet demeanor
Enchanting smile
Through the gate of my heart
Gain entrance to my soul.

The flowing compassion
Blended with caring gentleness
Captivates the captor with loving glance
And, finds the way into my soul.

The silken strands of hair loosely swaying
Shines brightly in the glow of the neon
And she blends her demure looks
With dazzling splendor of her beauty.

A fantasy everything appears to me
Rendering the gleams of crepuscular charm
The reality that she belongs to keep whispering within me
What if she is just a dream?

The eyes equal that of the almonds
And lips equals that of the cherries
I have seen more than once
Yet I crave to see again and again,

In bliss though I am
The distance still matters,
and it pains again.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 081210

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Waves of emotion

Chiaroscuro of twilight ends
As night embraces the day
Bleak- everything seems to be
Not just the night but feelings too.
My nonchalant gaze i throw out of the window
Penetrating the bosom of the creation,
The marvel that has given insightful fountains
Inspiring poets and artists, deadens within me.

Tears wells up unknowingly
Until the first drop touches my hand,
I recalled the last teardrop a day before
That fell on almost the same spot.
Tearing asunder the emotion that agitates
I tried with all my might at greatest height,
But, in abstract intangibility emotion evaporates
I am forlorn gasping for a release,

For another day.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 071210

Monday, December 06, 2010

Life....A vain pursuit? Nay !!

Voidance of love and care
All the powers that can be
Unto futility shall doom to see
Widening gaps, deepening divides.
We realize too late that the brandishing powers
That feeds the egoistical cravings to death
Shall soon vanish unto the vortex it belongs too
Repeatedly rises to merge into the creatrix globule.
Our eyes become blind our ears become deaf
To everything around, to everything heard
Though like waves, creation comes and goes
Leave prints of uncertainty everywhere in time.
Shallowly breathing the attachments
We thread the path of pain and ignorance
Crowning the knowledge of world’s visible
Frowning at the jewels of world’s invisible.

By spreading thinner the egoistical self
Life shall bloom to culminate unto seeds
To allow the deepest breathing to continue
And, life ripples once again.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 061210

Friday, December 03, 2010

Life...a mythical mystery, not!!

This life a mythical mystery not,
But a mystical mastery;
Deluding mask of contemporariness
Clouds the mind like wisp of smoke
Spiraling into nothingness with endless thoughts
Mindlessly finding the ways towards entanglement
Reverting to the past for unseen knots
Hoping to unknot them in the unseen future
Hither and thither the mind runs
But everything lies here and now
It fails to reckon every second.
I see yonder and I remain
Knowing that there I shall never reach ever
Yet, the mind turns asunder,

Till waywardness ceases to be one
Mythical shall everything in life appears to be.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 021210.