Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Crying in the rain

I cry in rain
So my tears be washed
Undetected by others.

Alone i walk
As the rain washes
Away my footprints.

The trail i take
Is becoming a lake
Five inches high
My ankles drowned.

This life this trail
In cold takes me somewhere
And my tears drop incessantly
Swimming in the pool of water.

I wish i wish
In the rain that falls
My anguish be cleansed
And contentment rise.

I cry in rain
So my tears be washed
Undetected by others.

cyclopseven. All Rights Reserved 080816

This night

Tonight the storm full of thunder
and lightnings
Not just rain but wind together,
The earth basks in merriness
The trees in wildest gyration
Birds and animals unto hiding,

Except for man still roaming
With machines and more machines!!
The yell of thunder
Nor the tears of the sky
Means anything to him.
The rain continuously comes
The light and sound cease not yet
In darkness the night is so beautiful
Like the painted sky in darkest clouds.

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A peaceful world...

No guns no knives
Do not make a peaceful world;
But, a little of time
With love and tolerance
A beautiful world is certain
And there shall rise hope.

A heart is all the space needed
For a world of peace begins here.

cyclopseven. All Rights Reserved 220616

Whispers from the past

The evening passed by
With whispers of the wind,
Voices of those no more around
It brought along to greet me.
Irony of life
Is the mystery of the future
The unknown always intrigues
What more if it carry voices from the past.
As the wind blows
Remember that along with it
Whispers from past do come along.

cyclopseven. All Rights Reserved 220616

Flower of thoughs

Flowers made of thoughts
Bloom in colors many
Some become one with soul
With flesh some grow together
Some thoughts in faintest glow
Yet like wild horses roam free.

Flowers made of thoughts
Bloom in colors many
Some heinous in nature
Between mind and flesh
Swing unsettle and depressive.
And this the fate of many
Weaving gloomy dreams
With dark colors of vengeance
Ghosts they become in life
Destroying themselves and others too.

cyclopseven. All Rights Reserved 230616.


Every man has a dark side. But, the dark side is not necessarily be black in color. Perhaps what appears dark is just a thin veil of blackness over a white side, self-imposed or imposed by others. Labeling is but a vicious insanity. What you wish to see that alone will appear to you.