Sunday, June 02, 2013

Whither are we bound?

Whither are we bound?
Let the dark knight snatch the soul
The birth shall still remain in death
Though the light is dimmed, and night is gone
The shadow still lingers somewhere.

Whither are we bound?
Has this quest ever born within each?
From morning till evening harvest
And the night sky doomed to blacken
Whither are we bound?

The body grows with years
And thoughts flow like rivers
Baby teens youth middle age old age
All shall be swallowed by time,
And,  whither are we bound?
Still perplexed by the sensuality of this world
The mind loses not the grip a moment
Survival stays at the uppermost
Fighting a game which will one day come to an end
But, whither are we bound?

A life fulfilled, a rarity among mankind
Every second restlessly thoughts accelerate
With speed beating the light
Carrying loads of pleasure and displeasure
Like luggage on a train journey,
Beauty strength and prowess are weaning with age
Intelligence withers under the clouds of delusion
The pride of man in everything remains,
With an unanswered question
To an unknown end,

Whither are we bound?

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 02062013