Monday, May 25, 2015

The Taiping Night

The moody night
With cloudy veil
Still a sight to delight
Before I hear the wail.
This night like any other night
Tells some stories in the darkness
Leaving shadowy footprints
Of the daytime concealed now.

An aura of peace amidst the roar
Descends from between the clouds
Soothing my heart filling my moment
Casting the devil of sorrow.
This night is Taiping night
A wonder that wrapped the soul
And I am lost in peace.

(*Taiping is a heritage town with a lot of historical landmarks. Located in the state of Perak, Malaysia).

cyclopseven. All rights reserved 230515.

Polish, unceasingly

Never was and never will be
A life with all shine, golden shine
But no dullness, never will be.

For a brass to shine polish the brass neatly
So goes for life, polish it daily unceasingly
Losing the shine is very much human
But are no mere mortal, we can rise when we have to
So say the wise ones long gone in time.

Never was and never will be
A life with all shine, golden shine
But no dullness, never will be.

A path without its ups and downs
Let me tell you is imagery and
this lasting not long.

When the shine stops, remember
It's time to polish again, unceasingly
For what a dull life would it become
In the absence of a little hard work,

Polish and let it shine.

Cyclopseven. All rights reserved 250515.

Majestic Night

The night is asleep
Leaving me awake in the depth of silence
As it advances toward the day.
I wish it takes me along
Along its mystical slumber
So the vigor turns me better.
I love the night, a layer in time
It fills me with nostalgia
But that too with perfection.
The night I marvel is the night that hides
Many sorrows of years hidden in time
As it peels each from the heart through the tears.
This night is indeed a lovely night
Intertwined within the folds of shady darkness
Are many good and the bad, and the deepest sorrow.
The beauty of the night
Is the beauty eternal,
It stands majestically on its own.

cyclopseven. All rights reserved 250515.