Thursday, October 28, 2010

It flowers again…

As I walked down the corridor
I see laughter in him
It flowers again
The hope
The dream
The chase

The wheelchair
He realized is not a confinement
But that which wheels the bonded physique
Between the pain and pleasure.
It flowers again
As I watched his face aglow
Radiating many possibilities
And he mustered his energy
As he wheels his way towards the light.

The hope
The dream
The chase
Shadows him
Along with the smile

And the look from his teary eyes,
I know he hopes
And, I hope too,
In his mind, he hops with faith.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Many are the faces blown away in the wind
Like the dry leaves that kiss the earth in vain
In time in the deepest timeless remoteness in the universe
All the synchronization of familiar faces melts unto obscurity.
Slipping through my memory, bridging the time
Acquaintances vanish between the thoughts
 I ask if this is, a play destiny has in place for me
Or is it just simply becoming another of nature’s symphony?
I let one by one the faces long forgotten to appear again
I let one by one the names long forgotten to rise again
Squeezing my brain harder that it copes within the skull
I remember either the names or the faces only.
I am aware; The capacity of the incapacitated memory at challenge I propose
To bring an inkling of forgetfulness unto existence
Enigmatically enshrined inside my mind is the memory
May long be dead, the root is still dividing the conscience.
My mind prevaricates flimsiness to avoid procuring pains hidden
In realization, I moved solemnly cautioning my conscience
Lest the pain unto the core of my heart buries everything again
And, all that which empowers joy and peace are confiscated.

Reverentially the challenges I try to accomplish
But what becomes of memory dormant for decades
Not easily awaken by challenges alone
Because the shadows, the thorns and the rocks
Along the pathway of life keeps the secrets in trap.
Faces long gone and names unscripted in decades
Wishes of goodbye, greetings of the days gone by
One day shall invoke the irrevocable memories.

For reasons unknown
Many are the faces blown away in the winds
of forgetfulness.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I wish I had….

I wish I had a magical pencil
To rewrite the story of my life
The way it is supposedly to be
That way I perceived things to be.
I wish I had a magical eraser
To efface the memory of painful notes
From the trail I have taken
And, fill the space with beautiful ones.
I wish I had magical juice of conifer
To obliterate the stubborn stains from the mind
And make me a piece of blank white paper
To repaint a newer version of a life perceived.
I wish I had a magical slate of wonderful story
At the tip of my fingers, I shall invoke my life anew
With colors, that bubbles the splendorous wonders
In a magical kingdom of eternal freedom I shall roam.

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(Dedicated to my TOP FRIEND - Mary Das)

It is just another day
In the calendar made by man
But, it is a special day
For a friend conceived years ago.
Birthday comes and goes
It holds not the time forever
But the aura or memory of it
Hold us gradually as the date gets nearer.
It is a day marked in divine calendar
As a signature born with all blessings
The birth makes a mum proud and happy
And, the ‘baby’ makes it merrier with a cake.

A joyous time to cherish by all near and dear
This time is here again
And, it reminds me of her birthday once again,


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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


My conscience
Becomes a witness
To all the fugitive thoughts
Ended abortively.
In me the war and peace
One end vigorously seething
The other end in vigorous calmness.

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Morning euphoria

Awakened by the golden glow
Of the morning sun
I peeped through the window
To see the rays courting the dew.
The glistening colors
Renders my heart aglow
This morning a different feel
I experienced.

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Sunday, October 03, 2010


Lake Garden, Taiping, Malaysia

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Saturday, October 02, 2010


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