Sunday, July 01, 2012

Time steals but not all

Rusted emotion pervades the air
Bringing forth places and people
From the time lost in space
Again, into the realm of thoughts.
Though time cuts asunder everything
Veil of delusion is the hardest to extirpate
The road-map it builds in the air
Reaching the shore where the soul rests.

For each thought that renders a man alive
There is a shadow which trails it non-stop
Because the law speaks only from the shadow
Each action reverberates even through the rust.
Here I am standing in this journey called life
The same place which holds my soul intact
And my memories in strong bonds glued hard
To name an identity for a non-existent me.

When the gate of eternity opens wide
And time stands still by my side
I wish I am ready to part with a ‘bye’
Leaving my memories in shallow flow.

 ©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 010712.