Friday, December 21, 2007

Refinement - way of the spirit

Refine the way you think
Check the wayward thoughts
So you won’t see the self in the brink of destruction.

Refine the way you talk
Check what is the story told
So like fire it won’t spread the heat.

Refine the way you walk
Check where the legs take you for a walk
The place the legs step
Let it be a heavenly grab.

Refine the way you eat
Check what the foods you munch
So in health you remain steady
A bliss dreamed by many.

Refine the way you sleep
Check what comfort you need
So, too much of comfort
Won’t lazy you down to bed.

Refine the way to interact
Check the company intact
So that in life you won’t regret
Having a wrong company and be sad.

Refine the way you sit
As gentle as you should be
So that no offense done to the bench.

Refine the way you enjoy
Check that everything in perfect joy
So that happiness shall be yours at the end of joy.

Refine the way you pray
Check that you do not ask things transient
So that you won’t lose your worth in this dungeon.

Refine the way you breathe
Check that you breathe in order
So that harmonious be the order.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 211207

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Seamless war

Every soldier is a willing terrorist
Waiting only for the order to come
To pull the trigger on someone
And throw granites at another one.

Every terrorist is a forced soldier
Waiting to annihilates the suppression
And free the people of their love
From the wilderness in the civilization.

What matters here is both kills
One claims to kill to defense
Another claim to kill to free
At the end both become the losers
And innocent people gather tears in their eyes.

Guns and granites is no peace matters
Once they are touched forever follows the fear
Every second each one dies in freezing heat
That boils the heart and soul and conscience.

Rights is what the terrorist is fighting for
Might is what the soldier is given
When the soldier dies, he dies and gains
When a terrorist dies, he dies in vain
Yet each has the essential supports
The soldier’s essence is to defend
While the terrorist break the fence.

Be it in defense
Or a wave in defiance
The earth is wet again and again
With the blood of human agony
And again the people gather tears in their eyes.
That which lives so far
Through the many wars
Are not man and his will
But the guns that kill.
Open the eyes my brothers
The soldier and the terrorist,
We can’t cup the water in both palms
And walk a hundred miles to quench the dying souls
Its next to our feet, we shall bow and lift the humanity.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 031207.