Wednesday, April 28, 2010


He who has spoken
Thinks he has filled the void
Leaving no more thirst
Among mankind.

Never never never
Man can never go without thirst
In thirst he is made
And in thirst he dies.

In either one or another
His thirst stills.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The phantom mankind
I wish no more here
Than ever.
Let only empathy sustains
The earth and ether.
Let the masking hypocrisy
A thing of past become;
Rules of tyrant
Let is succumb.
We are now here speaking loud and clear
Yet we are no where near the self
Farther we move incessantly
From good or bad, we are not sure yet.

Let it be
Let it be
Oh Mankind !! let it be
Our words are not unheard of
For the ears of heaven, everywhere hears;
Our actions are not unseen of
For the eyes of heaven, everywhere sees.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Love is....

a subject for philosophers
a concept for researchers
a bond for children
a hope for parents
a seal for lovers
a breathe for poets
a panacea for humanity
a way for saints
a cure for depressed souls
an everything for everyone
yet it is a most misunderstood word
expressive indeed, 
in its own way.

until it finds entrance unto another heart
it cease to blossom
and we will cease to become.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Nothing is right
If I see from my own sight
So I must learn to see
From the other side,
This may provide a better light.
My view is mine
None can I impose on thine
If I do so, please forgive this mind
In hastiness I always defend mine.

Haughtiness burns over the soul
As I wade the river of polluted brothel
Mind is made to believe the tale told
Haughtiness is the status within every fold.
Anger washes over the sin of hatred
Believing the cleansing is being bred
How can fire cold down the shining amber
When its heat itself worst than a butcher?

(Posted in Heart Speaks To Heart before)

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pengkalan Hulu

In those crystal clear drops of rain
My eyes danced piercing the transparency
Feasting your emerald beauty spread all around
From the east to west, south to north.
Though time has stretched far leaving the past
Those early morning fog are still a floating memory,
I remember the days I embraced the cold morning breeze
That swept across the land from the hills around.
The silence is  bliss, unparalleled  to any place around
And the honeyed memories die hard even beyond the physical
I thank Thee for an experience allowed to roam the land
I painted the atmosphere there with my breath.
Hallowed by mystical touch of many natural beauties
Pengkalan Hulu, deeply etched in the realm of my heart,
And, those seconds pass by not without evoking the episodes
Of a life freed, completely freed from modern hassles.
I know the copper earth of Pengkalan Hulu
Still keep my footsteps planted in the sands of time,
I know that days to come will speak more of this land
In silence, a giant leap soon to be seen.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Grip of death

Fearing the material evaporation
Exasperated sighs, echoes egotism
Selfishness rebuilds the waning desire
And, the breathe ebbs away.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Pain in vain

The cry is heard vividly
In the solemn night that fears no man
In pain he wriggles and groan
Unable to withstand the torture that pains.
Bloody wound peeled off the flesh
Red flesh dangles from the cheek
As he cries in pain unbearable
His tears rolled adding irritation unwanted.
Fragments of shrapnel pierced through the soft flesh
Peeling the chunk off the body
Colored by red river and made a valley therein.
Oh my god
Save me please, save me please
In tears he roll down the alley

Free me from this hell unknown
Heal me fast or release me now
Let my pain vanish
Or together my soul be banished.

The pain of war

Is a vain sore
Winner and loser
Equally shares the twinge.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Clouded auspiciousness (to the Tamils of Taprobane)

Today auspiciousness permeates
Many homes and minds
Wrinkles disappear in old
Joyful mood in many young faces.
Wishes invade the atmosphere
Sending forth prosperity and long live
Colored in different vestures
Divinely saturated feelings
Humanity of certain sects
Merrily wishes each other
Things of everlasting nature.

But, yonder in a place called Taprobane
Tamils miserably weeping in the mud
Mutated by bombs, blinded by fear
Tamils dictated to subdue to anarchy.
Another Auschwitz in the sight
A modern world we proclaim to live
Bestial suppression veils the camps of Taprobane
Tamil New Year dipped in the muddy water.

The war no more, yet they fight to defend
A clear precise message purposely twisted
To delineate and alienate Tamils of Taprobane
From the very homeland their forefathers belonged once.
New Year appears in sorrowful thatches
In the faces, clothes and the food
The life they live scarcely fit for human
Yet the rulers of Taprobane persist upon ignorance.

Decades have been swept by time
The war of weapon have been silenced by the world
The fate of the Tamils in Taprobane is like twilight darkness
Celebration is but a consolation clouded auspiciousness.
Liberate them liberate them I cry like million others
Deaf and dumb the Taprobanean leaders walk egoistically
The camps, another Auschwitz, another Auschwitz
And this Tamil New Year another teardrop in the mud.

The Land of Serendipity
lacks empathy!!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An analysand

As he analysis himself
An analyst
Becomes an analysand
Without an iota realization
That he has become an analysand.

Ignorance begets ignorance
Dearth of knowledge
Spread across the desert sand.
An analysand
Remains as analyst.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010


that which nibbles
the tangible-intangible whole
perpetually dominant.
are all but a pause before causation
embellished glitters
power and status of man
are all waiting pieces of disintegration.

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Silent tears

A torturous stream
That penetrates the wounded hearts;
Dilutes the blood in sorrow
With series of depressed memories;
Hidden well
A mask of fear the tears become;
To tragically end the discordance in swift strike.

Peace is but a veil, experienced not
Unfathomable in the absence of gap
In between the thoughts.

Silent tears accompany many
Teary hearts tear their hopes
They breathe their faith in fate
In seconds to come, they may not be there.

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Friday, April 09, 2010

All I want is…

Thoughts like crystal clear lake
So my mind appears translucently;
Faith deeply rooted like eucalyptus
Yet still playing breezily with the wind;
A tranquil silence within and without
Like aftermath of tsunami roar;
A giant leap from attachment to detachment
To forsake this thing called fear;
A good sleep filled with only stillness, eternally.

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

A place apart

I let my memories
Float over the copper hills
Between the bristling leaves
Mingled with the whispers of the wind.
My soul staring far
Beyond the unseen realm
Where mystical landscape
Of a land ancient yet vigorous
Speak of values natural.
Skies of sapphire blue
Veil the atmosphere so ancient
Untouched by uncertainty
And, remain untainted.

A place hidden from grossest of vision
Eternally here and everywhere.

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I closed my eyes a second
The whole of nature is gone,
Roaring tigers no more
Only caterpillars roar.

incomprehensible greed
reflects the speed it comes.

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Sunday, April 04, 2010