Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


....road to Sunday Scribblings

the mind’s profusion
of the yearning
vaulted within.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 240609.


blazing sun

drinking ice water

high temperature.


trees happily dance

in love with the wind.


sky cries

missing the earth

worms smile in gratitude.


it rains

thirst quenched

shoes in the mud.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why blame me….?

Why blame me for everything
When even the breathe I live by
Is not mine to keep or throw
And thus who am I to make you glow?

Just a dust particle I am in this universe
Blown here and there by the same wind
By which we all breathe to sustain the life
And in this uncertainty what happiness you crave from me?

Escaping the routines of life
I dance little different steps
To try a rhythm different and new
So my boredom won’t renew
In search I always remain helpless
So, nothing will come from me to help you.

A traveler traversing the road not taken
Everything is but a new experience sans explanation
I just get on it and let myself be engrossed in it
And, how can I explain everything me to you?

Like the boat that sails a lonely river
My life takes the twists across the turbulent mind
Sometimes everything is nothing but pleasure,
Yet, who am I to teach you about life
When in pain I too whine?

Somehow the clouds passed by

Leaving the wet trails behind
You would have understood me
Had you waited,

But sometimes history hides well
Beyond which memories can’t reach.

Now you are gone
To whom shall I tell
all these and more?

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


(This is a poem sent by a German friend.
Dated : 20.10.1996)

The wings of summer are withering
In beauty decayed.
Melted in the wonder of death
To open the mind for new presents
Rush of colors
Time of riping fruits
You are falling into yourself
Finding wealth
Sun and moon into a new light
Nothing is more lively then to die amused
Open yourself to the darkness
To see the light inside of you.

By Guido Klumpe, Germany

A lantern light….

….carry on Tuesday

A lantern light from deeper in the barn

Penetrates the little gaps between the planks

Shooting shards of light to kiss the darkness.

My feet carried me cautiously inside the barn

With a little wonder what the shine is all about

And, I watched with eyes opened wide

The yellow aura shone on a man and woman in the door.

Naked - they stand hugging each other

Coyly, staring at me without blinking their eyes

I was embarrassed with excitement rushing over me.

I braved myself floating towards the two

Yet they remain nuzzled towards each other

Without a little care of a presence there.

Shyly I touched their bodies

My sense of tactile died as everything flattened smoothly

And, I removed the poster from the wall

Rolled it and walked out from my dream.

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

If …

Bliss - paranoia
Pain - euphoria
Must we pray for a change?

Wind is hot
Sun is cold
Must we request a change?

Today comes after tomorrow
And tomorrow comes before today
Must we stop breathing today?

Night becomes day
Day becomes night
Must we change the sleeping hours?

Eternity is forever
And, present too forever
Must we stop wearing watches?

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Monday, June 08, 2009

Book of Horror

....carry on Tuesday

A tale I heard of a book
That speaks of the horror world beyond,
Beyond reach of bones and skin.
A bloody world that lie within the book speaks of dusty end,
I could see from within the cells of my mind
The book was thick and black
And covered with dust,
A settled sign of sleeping time.

Without awakening the soul
My mind reached out to grab the book,
Its boards were bowed and creaking
Blood oozed out from the cover
And my hands were smeared red.

For a moment the horrifying red
Spread across my palm,
Before the aromatic smell of fine tomato ketchup
Sneaked into my nose.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The source

The convoluted trail of life

Mends its way through rigidity,

Essence of man is deserted

In pursuit of blind concepts.

Life was simple with less war

But now, not anymore

For civilization killed all that was man

In the name of power, love slashed wildly.

Murky waters of blunt thoughts

Find its way into everything man

Alas! All that was man is now gone

Unto oblivion man dies to become vicious.

Intangible weapons of hypocrisy explodes hypocritically

Wounding everyone far and near with rattling blast,

Technology spews volatility with eagerness

Wisdom cremated at the height of civilization.

Between the cracks of wound sustained

A little love is still flowing slowly

A little bit tainted but still a chance is there

To return to a life, of what we were – mankind.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

God of ideology

Patented within each one’s limbic system,
A God of ideology,
An eternal power leading us somewhere,
Where there are sleeping dreams waiting
To squeeze and cajole our innermost fears and desires,
And waking dreams to speak out loud the truth
What seems is not always as it seems.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 020609.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Ocean of life…

One evening as I was walking along a beach saturated with golden sands, the waters spread far beyond the reach of my vision and the bed of the sea appeared crystal clear before me. Coconut trees dotted the shoulders of the beach, with a few coconuts swimming gaily, under the watchful eyes of the ocean. Mesmerized by this beatific vision in creation, I allowed my legs to be rooted in the beach for a moment. A divine feeling arose in me; pleasant tears began to roll in bliss. Ineffable. I clapped my hands watching the show, the rise and fall of the waves’ innocence.

Suddenly, I heard someone calling me. I saw a little boy running towards me. As he reached nearer and nearer I saw tears rolling down his cheeks, visibly tears of pain. “Sir, my sister is dead. A man shot her in the chest, and walked away with the little possession she had, a small gold ring”. I accompanied him to where his sister lies and the horrific sight erased the beatific vision of creation rendered to me earlier. The sea and beach disappeared from my sight, but replaced by blood. I was speechless. I switched off my dream before the police arrive at the scene. As I pushed my blanket away from me, I realized I was in tears.

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