Sunday, March 30, 2008


Ostentious enthusiasm alone
Is no measure
To extricate the Creator
And the creation.

Flaunting the intelligence
More like a parade of fashion
Humanity parading the knowledge of God
In the name of philosophy and religion
They argue the rational of a God.
Inexplicable ignorance
Edifies science and scientists
As modern religion and gods,
And to hell a superior God.

The relentless denial
Egoistically wrap the tongue of man
And unlaborious indeed their attempt
To understand God and His creation.

Filled with mirth
Humanity laughs away the power
That sustains the universe,
In the name of science
The ‘old’ God is disappearing
Paving a dissident growth
Against morality that borders
The good and evil.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 300308.

The Fort

Ravages from the past
Creates monumental sight
Of the dilapidated fort
Which had fallen long time back
But, with integrity still intact.
A solemn feeling arose swiftly
And I felt the strangeness of the place
Staring at me from every corner

Concrete blocks scattered around
Pieces of wine barrels and cognac bottles
Littered everywhere - an effort to lay the fear
Partially embedded in time and earth
The fort still carries the aura
Of souls roaming around
Searching for abandoned
Weapons and comrades.

Surrounded by thick forest
The fiery call of the defense
And soothing euphoria of winning the fight
Both filled the atmosphere.
I sensed the cries and laughter
Coming from between the cracks
On the slanting walls
Covered by moss all over
I know many had fallen
They fed the earth with their blood.

Saying my final prayer
Slowly I marched out with respect
For those who dropped their body there
In defense of the land they love.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 300308.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The River

Flows with gentle cheerful gurgle
Playing truant with rocks and fallen woods
While keeping within the limit
Of the narrow but deepest path.

Rises where it must and when it’s needed
For the push that gravitates never leave her idle
And splash downward from the dizzying height
To kiss the rocks embedded in its bed
And waterfall, we call that by name.
Her generosity is not just for human
To wash and to bath, to drink and to cook
She lies generously beyond the height of selfishness
Towards the beast and birds, plants and trees too
To quench their thirst and to rejuvenate their growth.

The lucid appearance
Reveals the fishes that swims gaily
And allows for the sun rays
To kiss the cool earth that stay beneath.
Though winding the path seems to be
She gracefully takes to her path,
While talking the nature’s way of peace
She ends herself in mingling with the sea.

Though torrent flow of excessive rain water
Overflows her generosity
Troubling many and killing many
Yet in the end she triumph victorious
When man ferry the loving and living
Across her, and safely reaches the other side.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 280308.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I wake up one day
To the rustling music of leaves
That plays hide and seek
With the wind that kisses them.

The morning rays
Elude my grasp
But those golden hues spread wide
Captured to be within my mind
Not a day but forever.

In the stillness of the mind
Life reveals itself panoramically
Inter-penetrating good and evil
With multicolour the emotion swirls
Tears of joy and pain, too flows.

Be it good or bad
Intact it remains
As the flesh to the bone.
The rivers of memory
Leave strong trails
Of pain and pleasures
The cause that accentuates
The wheel of life.

One corner of life reveals
A scene with pathetic tone,
Lugubriously mankind walks
Heading towards the inferno of wants and needs
Burning desires keep the amber smouldering
To invoke another desire from the fire
Only to be burnt again.

On another corner
Life reveals a beauty
Where mankind revel in charity
Beyond colours and creeds
Life expands in love.

Life expands as I watched
Mysteries formed eddies
A realisation dawn
That the sting of bees
Deters no hands from reaching
The sweetness beyond the pain
Thus it is a law of life.

We travel along every road ceaselessly
Looking for a long lost destination
Until the dust settles
Till then we shall remain as travellers.
Am a traveller
Within myself I keep moving
Towards the fountain
I hope I will reach
Before I part.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 270308.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pengkalan Hulu

A little northernmost town
Sandwiched between hills
And virgin forest
A town I once took to roam
Pengkalan Hulu
Still dear to my heart

Forever it shall remain
Enshrined within me
Together in eternity
We shall live in harmony.

Once it was a mysterious haunt
Of terrorists
masked and armed
Killers from killer regime
The armed CPM.
The enemies moved in her pockets
Of green foliages
That sustained them to rid of the law
And to claim this land of Malaysia
unto their hands
Bloody hands.

My beloved Pengkalan Hulu
Was famed for CPM
Yet now she is still famous
But for her warm beauty
That spans the scope of our vision.

Her gentle gesture
Hidden amidst the trees
And the soothing touch
Mingles with the breeze
She smiles beautifully
An enemy’s heart shall mellow immediately.

Though by years
I am staying far
The pang of separation
Pains my heart every minute
My mind caresses the old memories.

The trails that divide the forest
I tracked passionately
Rubbing the jutting leaves
And branches of the old trees
My trails were carpeted well
By beautiful brown leaves
Of various shapes and sizes
That to this day I owe her
My gratitude for feasting my sight
With enchanting beauty
Unparalleled by any.

Pengkalan Hulu, my sweetheart
I miss you a lot
I wish I can bring me to succumb in you
So in you I shall expand for another birth
On this same land of yours.
Physically I am at a distant away
Yet in my mind it’s your face
I see unwaveringly.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 260308.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Death III

A moment will arrive
May be too soon
Or very late in the evening of life
Departure will be inevitable;
For us to part suddenly
Without words to wish,
Nor looks to exchange.

I am standing here along this corridor of life
Where strangeness and mysteries
Hand in hand walk along in shadow
Together clinging to it is the secret of an ending.
Yes, an ending that every man
Shall reach one fine moment
Be it young or old, warm or cold
Shrinking life for some, expansion for others.

This friend, I would say
Though cruel, is better than life
And better than anything life can offer
This change of cloth – a death mysterious.
It takes nothing from us
Not our paltry desires
Not our branded materials
Not our priceless possessions
It takes nothing from us, but US.

Gracefully I wish to leave
This mansion of mine.
I wish I know when I should leave
I pray that the Lord shall allow
That knowledge of the ultimate secret spring
So I shall bid a warm farewell, an eternal one.
With loving glances and warm thoughts
I pray a chance to be given to me
Before I lay rest unto the eternal passage
Where what lays therein a mystery it remains
To say to all my loved ones,

I love you all.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 180308.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Stupidity and WMA

Horrendous stupidity
Human oddity
Using the little brain
To build a WMA.
Many may die
At the press of a button
Yet strange indeed
The genius they claim to be
Refuse to budge an inch
To dismantle the killer machine.
All because they count fast
The bucks of black notes
That buys the blood of the man
To colour the mind with pain.

Horrendous stupidity
Lay dead in smouldering ashes
Of sheer foolishness of geniuses
And the vicious of thoughts will soon rule.

Will survival see another sun?

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 170308.

The Rose

Inspiring blooms of the rose
Indicates nature’s generosity
A smile amidst destruction
Mother Nature’s sweetest appreciation.

Petals that expands gracefully
Soothing the wind that passes by
Carrying the smell of its pristine wonder
Yonder, across the seven seas.

A symbol of purity and love
The rose stands high among us
Though quarrel keeps them apart.
It romantically seal the hearts of many.

The rose speaks in silent beauty
Marking the essence of wonderful gaiety
Reaching the poor and rich alike
Be it in the land or the sea.

The rose, a legendary visitor
From a world apart
Chose to stay here forever
To keep us always together.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 170308.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Lord

I know that
I am not a perfect tool,
Rather a perfect fool.

Yet in Your loving embrace
You still care to care me
Without slightest care
For my blemishes.

Oh Lord the Mighty Love,
Teach me not
To swim across this ocean of love
But allow my ego to commit suicide
And drown happily in it.

©Cyclopseven. All rights reserved 110308.