Friday, October 31, 2008

Why?... I don't know my friends!!

Allow me to love beyond hatred
Let me see beyond differences
I am here for some reasons to be known
Trampling my pain, I cry in solitude.

I know I can share this pain
Many are willing to cry with me
Alas! I am given this heart
To bear the grotesque pain, alone.

Why? I asked many times
I receive no answers, not at all.
I am burdened, I know when my mind is saddened
And, my friends, my mind stiffened.

I couldn't relate, perhaps that's my weakness
I need a shoulder, only one, but many offered
But, why am I in ignorance burning myself
My mouth sealed my voice, I know not why!!

Let my tears roll free my friends
I know you are there with shoulders ready
To catch me when I am down
That day when I am down
seize me strongly within your bound,


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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The wind

The night has entered
Beneath the coldness of dew drops,
And, slowly descends to touch
The tips of the green grass.

I hear, Mother Nature strums a guitar
In melodious tune she plays wonderfully
The wind twists every now and them
Blows the rhythmic notes into my both ears.

The faint laughter of hers
I hear from the distance,
Slowly she enters between my fingers
Soothes them, caresses them.

And I let the faint laughter
To sooth and to care
The wind, I tried to cup.

The night is dancing now
Trying to extricate
From the day’s onslaught,
The strum of guitar goes on
And, the wind keeps blowing,

Mother Nature keeps strumming the guitar
The wind keeps blowing from far
Seeping through the night’s smile
The wind is singing the lullabies,

As I sleep
In sleeplessness.

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Monday, October 27, 2008


Although the opposite sex may occasionally vex, where would one be without the other? Mark Twain comments:

Human intelligence cannot estimate what we owe to woman, sir. She sews our buttons; she mends our clothes; she ropes us in at the church fairs; she confides in us; she tells us whatever she can find out about the little private affairs of the neighbors; she gives us good advice, and plenty of it; she soothes our aching brows; she bears our children - ours as a general thing.

I repeat, sir., that in whatever position you place a woman she is an ornament to society and a treasure to the world. As a sweetheart she has few equals and no superiors; as a cousin, she is convenient; as a wealthy grandmother with an incurable distemper, she is precious; as a wet nurse, she has no equal among men. What, sir, would the people of the earth be without woman? They would be scarce, sir, almighty scarce. - Mark Twain

From the book Because You're You..A very special guy.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Deepavali, also known as Diwali in some parts of the world, is approaching. Come Monday 27/10/08, Hindus from all over the world will celebrate this festival of light. Deepa means light, while Avali means array or line. so Deepavali means array of lights. According to the Hindu belief, thousands of years ago, a demon called Narakasuran was causing tremendous havoc and fear on earth during his reign and no one could defeat him. So, it took an embodiment of divinity, Lord Krishna to wage a fight against the demon and defeated him. The day Narakasuran was killed is celebrated as day of light where darkness had been removed. This is one version of the story why Deepavali is celebrated. And in Malaysia, where there are considerable number of Hindus, Deepavali is celebrated grandly. The moral of the story is to kill the demoniac qualities in each one of us and set our path towards the light. The day is celebrated with early morning oil bath, family prayer at home, temple visits and feeding the poor. While, the wealthy ones distribute new clothing and money for poor families.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Monsoon along the highway

Rainy seasons in Malaysia can be grouped into two time frames. North-east monsoon blows from October to March and South-West monsoon between May to September. Now it is the North-east monsoon and it has been raining almost daily on many parts in Malaysia. A drive along the highway during the rainy seasons is my favorite choice. I love to drive slowly, enjoying the beauty of the rain as it hits my windscreen and gently wiped by the wipers. But, sometimes it can be pretty challenging when the wind is strong and the visibility rate becomes very low.

The clatters I heard as it hit my car from all corners converts into melodious music. Its wild roaring at high speed tells man of the power it possesses, both to accentuate the survival and also towards the destruction of human race and nature. Bathing the entire plants and animals, filling the rivers and overflowing the dams, rain is a beauty in her own style. The torrential perpetual gush I see as her tears to mark human greed who shelved off the trees and hills. The sublime touch of rain lifts my soul high.

Yesterday afternoon it was raining heavily as I drove south bound along the North-South Highway from Penang to Taiping. I enjoyed the drive very much and managed to snap some pictures while holding onto the steering. Some areas along the highway appeared to be flooded and I wonder how many poor families (especially the villagers who depend on crops) are affected. This is a typical problem faced by those staying in the lowland areas.

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Because You're You.....A Very Special Guy

I came across the book with the above title while I was cleaning my room this morning. The book was presented to me some 20 years ago by a friend, whom I have now lost in touch with.Twenty years ago, it was just some printed words on pieces of paper without any clear meaning. As years passed by streaming through eternity, I was able to gauge the meaning bared in the book. I thought I lost the book, until I found it this morning. The collection of poems, short write-ups and motivating quotations give vast insights into the meaning of life. I decided to share, occasionally, some of the stuff in this book with you guys. Hope you will enjoy the submission. One of my favorite is this :


It is fair to remember that
this is not a land that belongs to us.
We cannot destroy it without destroying
something in us.

Its trees can teach us tenacity
and patience and serenity and respect.
Life's urge to survive is the force
that shaped them and their world of wildness.
that made them one of the great miracles.
Man, if he is too impatient to care,
can end this miracle, can terminate a
chain of life
going back without interruption to an
old eternity.

or man, able to create ideas, can meet his
old material needs with a different urge -
an urge to preserve what he cannot replace.

wildness made man but man cannot make wildness
He can only spare it

by David Brower
( From : Because You're You.....A Very Special Guy)

Friday, October 24, 2008

As life devours itself…..

When alive
Life devours death,
Everything else lives.

When dead
Death devours life,
Everything else dies.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dark Romance

I pull the curtain against the light
The room closes itself in shyness,
I stand naked in her sweet presence
Making love with the illusive darkness,
In an untouched romance.

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Creator and Creation

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Monday, October 20, 2008

The Now

Everything here
Is now.

I am alive
So everything is here.

If I am gone
Where will all be?

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Saturday, October 18, 2008


Ego-centric they may seem to be
Clocking their thoughts in weird memories,
Clasping life between the palms
Enormously strange they remain.
Not easily decipherable by any
They are the misunderstood lot,
Randomly moving amidst the people
Ingenuously they bare their souls
Crying for nothing but love and care.
Interestingly they are around
To show us the ultimate truth
You and I breathe the same air like them.

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I hate........I love

I hate the way I love you
I love the way I hate you
What can I say if I hate you?
What can I say if I love you?

The two stands
Antagonizing each other.
My mind trapped in between
The rush begins here.
To the unknown
My venture takes me closer.

But I know not
If I hate you more.
But I know not
If I love you more.

Let it be the way it is meant to be
Let me be the way I used to be
I hate the way I love you
I love the way I hate you.

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A dream

a dream
an illusion?

a dream
an illusion of delusion?

a dream
an illusion in delusory delusion?

a dream
an illusion in delusory deluded confusion?

a dream
a confusion deluded in illusion?

a dream
a confusion deluded in illusory delusion?

a dream
a delusion of psychological nature?

a dream
a delusion of psychological nature’s illusory dream?

a dream
a dream in sleep?

a dream
a life in dream?

a dream
a life we dream?

a dream
a dream we live?

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Sunday, October 12, 2008


The blog CYCLOPSEVEN - SOUL OF TAIPING is now known as CYCLOPSEVEN-Places of interest. My latest post is CAVE OF DARKNESS AND WAN TANGGA VALLEY

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cats have nine lives?

"There is a kitten trapped in the ceiling". My mum's words echoed loudly and clearly. I looked at her, and she continued, "We could hear kitten meowing almost daily". Apparently, they tried to get the neighbors help to bring the kitten out. But, things didn't really work the way they planned as the kitten went farther into the inaccessible corner of the roof. I was very sad knowing a life is at stake, and decided to get it out from the roof. I had no choice but to break one of the ceilings to get a glimpse of this kitten. In the beginning as I popped my head into the dark space, I heard nothing. Very quiet. "Ma, I don't see any kitten here. Perhaps, the mother cat has taken it away to a new hideout", I said to my mum.

As I was about to step down from the ladder, suddenly I heard this meowing sound. Using the torch light, I saw two shining eyes staring at me through the small gap between the ceiling and the concrete beam. Yes, it is there. But, there was no proper way to get to it as the concrete beam laid across, blocked whatever little space in that corner.

Somehow, using a long pole, I managed to push the kitten to quite an accessible corner where my hand can squeeze through to grasp the tiny little feet of the kitten. It didn't react. Guess the kitten was extremely exhausted after days without food. We gave him some milk which was fed using a syringe, but he refused to swallow. Then, decided to leave it in a box and placed it in the porch. Felt so sorry for the kitten that I occasionally placed it between my hands and gently stroked it with my fingers. The eyes appeared to be glaring.

But, it died after a few hours. I felt very bad and very sad. The mother cat came after he died. Don't know what to say. It is not just a kitten, but a life....which was wriggling in my hands earlier as I cupped it gently. What can we say? There is an end for everything. We just have to accept the reality. And, life goes on. Hope it will come around one day looking for me.

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Friday, October 10, 2008


I walk unperturb
As the sun shines on me,
What matters for me, now,
Can I shine like the sun?

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fighting the pain

Revolting fear
Cascading within
As I wriggle out
Daily, from the pain.
Unspoken taste of memories
Skateboarding across my mind
As I attempt to crush the worries
Daily, from the unwanted strain.
In pain I hum away, daily
Chasing away the wrinkles of agony
As I keep the fight on, vaguely
My battle against time makes me lonely.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


today I see in a second
glimpses of tomorrow;
the way I live the ‘now’
reveals the ‘morrow’ hidden
amidst today’s breaths.

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Monday, October 06, 2008


my dear......
you appeared from nowhere
through the narrowest entrance
of my shattered life
bringing a little hope and a little light
to brighten up my life.

my dear.......
I thank you for the time spared
to patch up the broken heart
and give me a reason to live on.

my dear......
I'm just an existence
from the unknown past
who have come to shed tears
for the sins hidden
in the sands of time.

my dear.......
like the tumultuous waves
that comes out of ocean
and return to it;
I too shall come and go
but hidden beneath the mysteries of life.

my dear.........
the body shall perish
but not the soul I am.
I'll live with you
in the formless form of spirit
till our mind become subtler
our thoughts become one
and merge into eternity.

there'll be no you and I
only ineffable bliss...

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Human Rights

human rights?

human rights?

whose rights?

another man’s vision of rightfulness
superimpose on another man’s deliberate ignorance?
another man’s neglect of right living
legally justified by illegal means?
one’s right to practice his culture?
one’s right to impose his culture?
one’s right to practice a tradition?
one’s right to deny another tradition?
one’s right to speak his language?
one’s right to destroy that language?
one’s right to fight for justice?
one’s right to define justice waywardly?
one’s right to practice a religion?
one’s right to claim superiority of his religion?
rights? yes rights
human rights
end of the road
whose rights??

that matters most.

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Behind every closed door

there is
behind every closed door
of every human's conscience
silent whispers
whispers silently
prompting the good over evil.
there is
behind every closed door
whispers of tolerance
heard in silence;
there is
behind every closed door
man make decisions unknown;
there is
behind ever closed door
people sit around the round tables
discussing events of the worldly tales.
there is
behind every closed door
a devil wait in patience
to pounce the meek;
there is behind every closed door
lust gripping the soul in tight clutch;
there is
behind every closed door
fear for war and fear for humanity
lies darkened with soot hanging.
there is
behind every closed door
an opportunity to unravel the bliss.
there is behind every closed door
teardrops contained in the bowl of frustration.
there is
behind every closed door
a shadow play going on

there is
behind every closed door
streams of blood flowing.
there is
behind every closed door
a god locked from outside.

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sympathy a symphony?

the lonely nights leave me sighing high
in nostalgic I render this self a song
with a hope that another night shall come with a cure
and in hope I live the song I sing.
wandering everywhere, yet standing rooted here
my experience tells me a story, weird and strange
of a man missed his childhood games once ago
and in sad tone the guitar he strings powerfully for a song.

wallowing in self pity I understand not what’s empathy
until the years that roll by gives me a wake up call
this life ain’t yesterday’s slothful dream
nor will there ever be a hopeful tomorrow to live by
only the present, the solid manifestation.
I learn that every man who yearns for truth
must first shackle the sympathizing emotional brute
for the emotion shall repeat each man’s death many times
before the final hours arrive to say the last rites.

hardened habits form a feeling concrete
hard to be broken to zero,
nor chiseled unto shapes wonderful;
yet I am striving facing the trial of challenges
so one present shall arrive when I will be alone
without a feeling to cry in sadness
without a feeling to laugh in happiness.
when the moment come, I will surely know
because the neutrality of entire feelings shall be known;
the seamless bliss as promised surely shall arise
and I will let the bliss murder me in it once and for all
for that death I wish, shall become His ultimate call.

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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Purity unscathed

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Tears of the roses

The house is full of flowers
Welcoming a princess
Whose gentle demeanor
Wear prominent attractions.
She is the soul for every soul
Enchanting grace with childish exposition
She would giggle at my words, facetiously
The words pregnant with meanings
To be absorbed unto everlasting joy.

As she entered the mansion
The roses stared at her in awe
“Oh my god….” they all expressed together
“Is this another rose, or an angel?”
She portrays no caustic expression
Always the same aura surrounds her
She was happy as she cared for the roses
When she entered her privacy, roses cried in sorrow.

Roses became sad and jealous
As the angel roam the house
But, the house began to smile in joy
Knowing an angel is roaming there.
Like the luminosity of phosphorescence
Only these sweet things surface more of her
The roses look beautiful everyday
Because, you set the life radiant like the full moon
And devoutly I shall levitate over you, always,
Without any roses in my hand
For you are the precious among the roses.

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Friday, October 03, 2008

You, my dear

The morning clouds
Hanging at the end of the branches
Gently came the morning breeze
To swiftly push them away.

Liken the morning breeze
You gently floated with tears
To help me to help you
And wipe each others tears.

Swinging alone in my heart
Everyday I wish for your presence
It’s not my eyes that want to see you
It’s not my ears that want to hear you
But, my heart that refuse all but you.

Pain becoming lesser and lesser for me
And I hope it’s the same for you too
Life offers many wonders
Yet, I enjoy only your lovable nuisance.

Genuine touch that spurs wondrous love
Walks in from you and through me it goes
While brushing my heart with pleasurable feelings
A voice I hear within, so fleetingly soothing.

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

A small corner in the universe…..

The hills that speak the wonders of Kroh. Ingrained in between the valleys are mysteries that speak the glory of mankind.

It has been more than 20 years since I left this small quaint hilly town, called Kroh, now known as Pengkalan Hulu. Life takes me to many places, yet my heart I have left in Kroh. I am very lucky to have spent half of my life in this town. I am planning to visit this town before the end of the year. Hopefully, more pictures of her will adorn this page.

To start with.....The Lake

The lake in Kroh or now Pengkalan Hulu, carries the laughter, tears, trauma and agony of many souls throughout ages, and that including mine too. Not laughter, but only tears. One day, as opened my eyes wide and stared at these pictures posted in another blog, a sense of deep attachment began to sweep across my being. Yes, this is where I belong.

My existence today, in this very presence, I thank to not just many kind souls around me but also to this lake (check pictures), nature’s gift to the inhabitants of Kroh. Why? One may wonder in amusement. I was racing against time, fighting a war unseen by naked eyes. This lake or Taman Tasik or locally known as Takung helped to ease my burden in the past. In the moment of deep despair and loneliness, this is the only place I would frequent most. The serene beauty sways in tranquil atmosphere as insects, animals and humans contemplating on her majestic countenance. Sitting on the bench under the tree, I would be throwing pebbles into the lake. The ripples that formed gleefully contented to share my pain and tears. As they disappear unto the waters of the lake, the ripples slowly removed my pain as well. Though momentary, it was always a wonderful relieve for me. I can’t remember how many drops of tears (of mine) entered the lake and merge in it. But, she always cares for me. And, I know that very well.

I would like to express my gratitude to Ms. Radha for her kind consent to use the beautiful pictures above from her wonderful blog

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Let me be there...

Beyond the strength of time
I pray you stay ever fresh
full of light
with ambiance incredible.

If you traverse along the beach
Each steps of yours I shall guard
From being burnt atrociously,
So you may walk on the lotus of my love.

I am not a somebody and you know that very well
But, I hope I am able enough
To guide you through this untamed depression
Holding your hand safely across the pain.

Meretriciously temptations drag us wild
You and I are no match to stand against it
I believe, in togetherness of deeper care
You will gain a strong composure.

I do not ask for much attention
Just a little warmth and a sincere touch
To heal my bleeding heart and yours as well
And, two of us shall trample the unwanted, ever.

Please bear my dear one
Nothing is here to last forever
That includes you and me too
So, let us walk the trail minus the blaze.

Trust me, I am honest with my words
You will be out from the caging cage
And walk free from the pouncing wilderness
Until then, you may count on me
a mere traveler in time.

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Penang during a rainy morning

sadness leaves none
the sky too it devours.

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Somewhere in time…

Somewhere in time
Between parallel dimensions
Of love and hatred
I met your eyes
Glowing perpetually.

Somewhere in time
I knew at instant instinct
My happiness is sweeping across.
From the unknown fear
Unto known love, I am basking, my dear.
Fragments of shattered hopes
Find its way to complete the puzzle
And I began to see my face
In clear reflection without the ripples.

Somewhere in time
I came across you
And now the time is you,
And every moment it is only you.
Creases that formed
Slowly refining between the threads
My luck has begun to gesticulate
I am grinning from the East to the West.

Somewhere in time
If I cease unto eternal void
The care you show, I know,
Will trail my shadow.
If you have forgotten me in your mind
I will be there to remind you
That I still do care for you.

Somewhere in time
Amidst the millions of stars
That glitters across the night sky
I shall proudly raise my arms
Stretching across the wide firmament
To shout that you are the brightest.

Somewhere in time
Just allow me a little space
In your heart,
That’s enough for this birth,

I shall leave happily.

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