Friday, May 30, 2008

So said my friend……

“I don’t understand you at all”
On one fine day
My friend shed the agony of
Not understanding me.

I told my friend the simple truth - life’s secret,
That has been repeated manifold.

“We don’t even understand ourselves
So why worry about understanding others.”
“We think one, we speak another
We speak one, and we do another”

“When our thoughts, words and deeds
Appear not in straight line”
“My friend why worry about understanding me?”

“Speak the way you think and act the way you speak.
Surely, one day the understanding will glimmer
Like the sunrise across the horizon”

“Alas! My friend, are we doing that often?”
“We rarely speak the way we think
And act the way we speak”
“How then can you understand yourself,
Before you aspire to understand me?”

“Once you understand the ways of life
And what life endows, the days won’t be far
Before the light is lit within you
To see that you are seated on the throne of your heart
And others’ as well”

“Then my friend
You shall know that
Understanding others matters no more
Once you understand who you are,
For, it’s the same spark that shines in all”.

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Beside the entrance to the KHOO Kongsi Building

Monday, May 19, 2008

Glint of sunlight

The glint of sunlight
Drop by to whisper a ‘good morning’
To me, while I am still
Registering my mind afresh
For morning anew.

I see my thoughts
Undulating between decaying hopes
As the faint light touches
One more day, today.

Like the effect of cognac
Everything twirls within and without
A sign that tells all about life
And, the trail that I am treading.
Zombies walk within my mind
In the form of formless desires
Wanting to gain and taste everything.

Alas! Reality goes further and further
Reaches not the ultimate ending.

I wish to undo the woven thread
One by one till I see none of the mind
Sad to say the Creator’s play is already set
For every thread of desires I pull out
Another replaces it with immediate speed.

So low, my feelings tumble down
My physique refuses to calm, to get down
But, a choice I have not
The clock on the wall speaks in ticking sound
And the needles move closer and closer
To my office time.

If I don’t lay my feet on the ground
I know that I am surely to be doomed
And another job is surely hard to come by
Especially when your twenties and thirties
Had flown unto oblivious time
Leaving me now in the forties heading towards fifties.

Pain unbearable, desires intolerable
Mind keeps wheeling me ahead
And I surrender to His will
Let another day too to pass by.
And I vow to pray with hope
That another glint of sunlight
For another day, tomorrow
Will grant me the peace
That hushes the bliss.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A surprise visitor, surprised!!

How often do we have surprise visits from our friends or relatives? If possible, we don’t want anything to interrupt our well planned daily itinerary. But, nature sometimes has different ways to play with us by sending some unexpected visitors from different level of creation.

Today ( Saturday -10/05/08) is The Annual Sports Day for us. Since the sports were usually held in the evening, I went to my office during the morning hours to complete some unfinished tasks. I left my room door opened and started with my office work. About an hour later, I heard a kind of scratching sound coming from outside of my room, and became louder and louder followed by strong breathing sound. For awhile, I was shaken and completely rooted to my chair because the noise and breathing sound were very unusual and not of humankind.

Suddenly, there came in slowly a very peculiar looking face from the side of my computer table which was located close to the door. And within splits of second, the whole body was inside the computer lab. Yes, it was a huge monitor lizard. In the beginning I was weighing to chase it out of the room, but on second thought after taking into consideration of our children with disabilities, I decided to call the fire brigade unit to come and catch the lizard alive. While waiting for them to come, I grabbed my camera and started to take some pictures. It hit me once with the tail. It was a very powerful hit.

The firemen arrived and managed to catch the lizard without causing any serious injuries to it. It was then placed in an iron cage before transporting to a new and better habitat. In Malaysia, it’s a common sight to see firemen involved in catching snakes, monitor lizards etc when they enter the houses or offices, as they have a unit trained for this purpose.

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Monday, May 05, 2008


The eyes that sees
Speaks not what is seen;
The mouth that speaks
Sees not what is spoken;
The ears that hears
Tell not what is heard;
In between of all these
Man grapples this transient world
Assuming what is here
Is all that matters.

The lights of wisdom
Have left the ebullient anticipation
Of values from eternity
To quench the taste of sybaritic pleasures.
Insidious envy
Builds the explosive greed
The two builds a deadly empire
That may crash with cataclysmic effect.

I wonder
Where the wheel is rolling to
For I don’t see the person who pushes it
But the wheel of life sagaciously telling us
The truth of life and the import it carries
But man oh man
though the damn ego is no matching for wisdom
Still Under the wheel of life
It crushes the wisdom,
And the illusory
Rules him with splendor
That falsely colored
To entice him
with status.

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We too shall live....