Monday, November 12, 2007

Saturday, November 10, 2007

When the divine speaks...

When the divine speaks
All the language falls short,
His language is a mighty one
Such as this one
When He dons a color
Serene and beautiful.

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Friday, November 09, 2007

......time to rest



Till Death Do Us Part

That Corridor

Along that corridor
Familiar to my heart
I take a stroll, a gentle stroll
Leaving my memory travel far ahead of me.
Along that corridor
I could feel my shadow speaking
Telling how sad it is to walk here
The path where many children with cerebral palsy
Always move with wheelchairs and rollators.

I feel it deeply, hurting my conscience
Far from this reality I always try to run
Alas!! My responsibility leaves me not
As look at them at every step I placed ahead.

Why, my Lord, why must they
Be like what they are?
Why, my Lord, why can’t there
Be without the wheelchairs and rollators?
My tears slowly rolled
And fall on the floor of the corridor;
And I am surprised to see, the teardrops
Cried more and more, flowing along the corridor.

Try as much as I could
An answer for this is beyond the mind
And I decided, my best I should give them
To equip these wonderful souls
At least, with whatever good that I can part with.

Every evening, I’ve made it a point
To stroll along this corridor in the darkness
For as I touch the darkness enveloping this corridor
I could feel an ancient voice, saying to me
“my son, do them good as long as you are here”
“each needs a company to guide them through”
“and they are here, to teach you, the art of living”
“to appreciate and show gratitude for things you have now”
“for which they are praying, but not able to achieve”

As I walk along that corridor
My heartbeats challenged my thoughts
In restless motions, my hope is suffused with anticipation
That the next day, let it come, I shall serve them good.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

*Diwali – Arrays of light

Yearnings have begun once again
When light to brighten the darkness
Looked upon by millions
From all around the world.
Arrays of light to chase the evil
We pray to light up the darkness within
So the path to consciousness be cleared
From the dust that stray us apart from conscience.
Diwali – the festival of light
Is once again here to stay till another year
And its time to rejoice in joy
And repent for our wrong deeds
While wishing the good enters slowly
To keep the corridor to our conscience
Ever clear and bright.

The lights that we lit today
Using a match stick nor a lighter
Or by pressing of the switch
All carry the same purpose
To eliminate all that darkens the heart
And to free us from all forms of evil.

Loka Samastha Sukino Bhavantu
(May all living beings in all the worlds be happy)

*Diwali or Deepavali is a festival of lights celebrated by Hindus all over the world.
Diwali is celebrated usually in the month of October or November. Light, being symbol of hope and positive things, indicates the victory of good over evil. And by spreading light in every corner of our premises we try to destroy the reign of darkness on the night of diwali.

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Monday, November 05, 2007

The sleep

I woke up
From my wakeful sleep
To sleep again in my reverie.
As I peeped through the window
Staring wildly at the sky
I enjoyed the shining dots
Mystically enchanting
They were to me.

What a wonderful sleep I had
As my eyes took me to the travel
Across the universe.
Sitting quietly within the core of my being
I asked many things
of existence and non-existence.

And both left me baffled
As I got up fresh the next day
From my lazy chair.

Another day has gone
And today a new beginning
As I said that to myself
I slumped myself on the bed
And took me off to another state
Before another day begin
I hope I understand
The mystery of this
Wondrous sleep
A wakeful sleep
In another sleep.

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

A tribute to S.P.T

The daring soul
Born to be born in death
A hundred deaths he shall endure
Only to be born again as martyr
To decorate his blood with bravery.
The lost is felt across the seas
All over the universe the tears roll
To bath your departure in this final path
Stars and moon too have been wailing here
A sign that in this fall you have risen again
To live in the hearts of many soul.

It’s painful to bear the end
That comes abrupt
The smile and voice buried now
Will come again a hundred fold
And run run and run, thy enemies shall run.
A smiling tiger, your departure is premature
Rare indeed a man of your stature
Born only to be born again as martyr
To decorate your blood with bravery.

Mother earth is proud to consume you
For you have stood the test for loyalty
In justice to free the anarchy of the south
Fearless indeed your move
Like a tiger your steps you placed ever.

Happy sojourn, dear fighter.

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Salute to A Smiling Tiger

My salute to you
My dear brother, the smiling tiger
Whose claws can embrace
With soothing love
And at the same time
Can tear menacing brutes.

Every beginning has its ending
So your birth too had an ending
But with valor spoken loud
Fighting a freedom war
From claws that kill the law.

I am sad today
At the deepest core I am dead too
I don’t know somehow I am born
Into a race the same as yours
Though I don’t fully agree with the heat of war
Morally I support your mission in this tug of war.

The world called you terrorist
Be it as it may
Who cares if you are one
Because I still know your terror
Is to protect the ones who struggle to crawl
In the face of the destructive beast.

Today I am sad my dear brother
B'coz you have gone to be with the eternal mother
In her embrace I pray your spirit be lighted
With spirited efforts to guide
your brothers and sisters.
Though you hold a cane with your right hand
Your every step was precise and firm
The call of destiny none can evade
I don’t believe its enemy’s victory
Because I know your death
Is but a mere sleep in fight
smiling all the way.

So long my brother.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Light II

The spreading wings of light
Slowly descending on man
Talks of peace and unity
Find a place to sow ‘humanity’.
The dark fear from yesteryears’ blight
Slowly diminishing beneath the light
Every corners I hear whispers of good news
That life will soon become alive and cheerful.
Hopes anchored long ago in the sea-bed of heart
Begin to flourish in colors wonderful
And many beliefs their God is listening
Though down deep in their heart they know He is deaf.
Never mind He being deaf
As long as He can hear the cries and tears
And give back the pieces of peace gone awry
In the past decades of utter selfishness.
I see the sun rises from the East
I see too the sun sets in the West
This phenomenon shall occur in our life too
If our faith in the ‘self’,
Rotates like the earth
Conscientiously, conscious of it’s duty.

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