Thursday, February 28, 2008

Political Poly-trick

It is raining heavily in Malaysia
Not of water that comes from sky
But torrential downpour that pours
Straight from the mouth of loyalists and tricksters.
Yes. Its time for election
To elect new and fresh yet old
Members of legislative assembly
And also members of parliament.
Or to re-elect once again
the same funny people
with puny characters.

Everyday they start afresh
With old ideas twisted manifold
Through different words
And at different times
They deceive people truthfully.
Promises of heavenly bounty
Laid heavily on the papers
Across the nation to seduce the innocents
Within their hearts they are selfish lot.

You give them the mike and space
They stay glued to both for hours
Words coated with saliva
Fall on many dead people.
None knows what politic is
But all like the drama they watch
When politicians pointing at each other
Blaming all but themselves
For they are always right
Because they rightfully clean people’s hopes.

Opposition stand opposing all that rules
The Ruling ones with tricky smile
Throws their bait far and deeper
With millions thrown to the poor and pauper
Once in five years to garner the deadly power
For another five years to dig the nation’s coffer.

“Once again the fools are back,
My dear little ones, be careful of mankind –
especially the politicians.
They change every five years. But, we remain the same.
Everyone knows about us not just today
But for tomorrow too
we shall remain known the same way;
Because we belongs to the highest race of all
But sad to say, man calls us animals.”

Saying so
The lioness took her cubs
Far away from civilized man.

She continued,
“We don’t take bribe. Nor do we steal.
We walk right though we have four legs.
We growl loud and honestly
Without a mike to shout or a crowd to watch
Because ours is not politic,
It is character as pure as Artic.”

“Walk away from man, if you can.
Their meat is soiled with hypocrisy.
So beware, they claim to be the Kings
But, they know not the law of respect.
We shall rule one day
One day shall come for us
But without mike and promises
We shall rule, to show man
That we are not animals but embodiment of honesty”

With that the day darken
the lion fell asleep with her cubs
But the man still shouting
across the villages he had never been.
In the last five years he never knew of poverty
But today he stands straight for hours
And speak of promises uncertain
To build a highway to the sun

In the dark night of their mind
Truth succumbs without healing.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 280208.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Unfulfilled desires
Long dead in the emptiness
Of soul, lingers,
Still fresh - and murderous.

Unfulfilled desires
Freed long ago
Not anticipated, all still
A free mind lays bare - a heaven.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 230208.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The thought…

One lonely evening
Watching the sun setting
With golden hues spreading wide
I was sitting in contemplative silent
In the depth of my mind.

A thought arose from eternity
Leaving a mark so indelible
Like a print on a plain canvas.

As I observed the thought
A sudden awakening began to dawn
And I felt an awareness of oneness
With everything within and without
A pleasant joy cannot be repeated at will.

The thought spoke of age old truth
Of man’s existence and departure
In simple language I was made to grasp
The frailty of this chasing the shadows
Of everything evanescence
And in agitation we die a stranger to ourselves.

This flesh will soon succumb to feed
The earth and the worms that lies therein
Wake up wake up from thy dream sleep
Before it is too late for you the spirit to wake.

Know you my dear mind
This flesh and bone are just temporal frames
To sustain the man and desires
So, rightful harvest may be yours.

At the end of every dead desire
A flower blossoms in bliss
And the gardener of which you are
Shall enjoy the food of your toil
In eternity a home shall be there
for your stay.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 100208.

Monday, February 04, 2008


Life is winding. The trails are branching. As years bypass us, we are led to believe more and more that life comprised of transient matters which confer sensual pleasures, though momentary. Though many moan in pain, with occasional play of happiness, the clutches of worldly things, they let go not.

Trees stand upright. Occasionally sway to the kisses of wind. Be it gentle, or rough, the trees are there to stay for long. Longer, than us. Change in seasons does not leave any mark of unhappiness nor exaltation on the faces of trees. This is because they have learnt to sacrifice their leaves and roots at the change of each season. The shadows they bestow, is to shade the beast and man without claiming ownership of anything to them. The trees teach us the first law of nature – Sacrifice.

Seasons that change, means change in the colours of the leaves and blooming of flowers to appease Mother Nature for allowing their existence on this earth. The fruits they give, serve to fill the stomach of many while their barks and leaves serve to heal the sick. The trees teach us the second law of nature – Gratitude.

Despite everything that changes around them the trees remain steady in their place. Facing the turbulent in nature with equanimity unparalleled, their strength they do not manifest at all. Laden with fruits, their branches bow to feed Mother Earth. Beaten by brutes they still in silence remain there, ever the same. The trees teach us the third law of nature – Perseverance.

Man becoming violent. Human mind has degraded to a level unimaginable. Murders, rape and thefts are fast becoming a way of life for many people. On the other side, they are those who chop the trees for stupid reasons. Some trees have the branches chopped or chain sawed. By patience and virtue the trees stand tall despite the onslaught which may inflict untold pain on them. The trees teach us the fourth law of nature – Conquest. .

In return, they expect nothing from us, but only LOVE. That too if we choose to give. Have we ever thanked a tree in our life? Have we truly ever soothed a tree and speak to them, telling them how good they are to us? Have we ever………..?

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 030208.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


When I was a child
Little dreams were lively and real.
I wished to do many things
And things I wished never came true.
People say life is not a prediction
Nor is life a self-imposed addiction.
Its but in wishes that colors
Mankind finds the lights reflected.

Little dreams like dotted paints
Leaves me alone and disappears slowly.
Unknown to where all those dreams gone
And I am still here, but dreaming different dreams.
My dreams were like pillars of hope
That shadowed my survival with continual optimism.
I know those dreams are now gone
But never did I believe that I can never fulfill them.

My life continues through the days and nights
With dreams that tastes differently.
Yet, the beauty of dreams as a child
Supersedes every dream that as adult I dreamed of.
As a child I dreamed of everything magnificent
Wild imaginations roamed free unto fairy tales.
Wonderful indeed my dreams of those younger mind
Now, I realized time has taken many things away
But, not my dreams.

Childhood dreams though shattered many times
Another one I built within seconds
But, adulthood dreams, shattered once
For many years it leaves the wound to bleed.

But, I will keep on dreaming.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 030208.