Friday, February 20, 2009


Seemingly chill

And freezing,

Everything is falling apart

In silence, but firmly.

I don’t understand

And, decided not to understand.

For in nature, a tiny creature like me

Plays only a fractional game

Without experiencing the whole.

Scathing illusions render me helpless

That glittering life is but eternal choice,

Until in wholeness I dissolve my mind

Never will I grasp the truth that oneness is the only choice.

I care not to know the reasons

Because in pain,

I still wish things be pleasant

Everything comes and goes,

In nature’s dictation

The wholeness completes the cycle.

Barren and pricking at times

Yet, this is but a mystery

I often wonder since decades ago

Of what becomes of mankind in dissolution?

I fear for the worst long long ago

Before I realised

It’s always there by my side.

Clinging attachment

Rarely departs without grief

For I know, we know not

In the wholeness of life

We are but only a fraction.

So what matters?

Whether it becomes or not,

In death, life blossoms eternally.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Picture : Courtesy of Sherry

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Thursday, February 12, 2009


In the darkness
In search of light
Aimlessly I wandered.
A torch in hand
I reluctantly set aside
in sheer ignorance.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Twinkling stars


Compared to her.

She, a beauty, who,

Unwrapped me

One by one

Baring my desires

In the fullness of love.

With her I am lost

In time and pleasure.

Everything vanished

Only she stays.

My mind says

She is wonderful,

Yes, she is.

We sailed smoothly

Beyond the veil that prevails

In touch of harmony and love

Lying within the mind

Next to each

I hugged her tight.

Memorable indeed

That night.

©2009 cyclopseven. All rights reserved 110209.

Monday, February 09, 2009

A Dream

a dream
an illusion?

a dream
an illusion of delusion?

a dream
an illusion in delusory delusion?

a dream
an illusion in delusory deluded confusion?

a dream
a confusion deluded in illusion?

a dream
a confusion deluded in illusory delusion?

a dream
a delusion of psychological nature?

a dream
a delusion of psychological nature’s illusory dream?

a dream
a dream in sleep?

a dream
a life in dream?

a dream
a life we dream?

a dream
a dream we live?

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Sunday, February 08, 2009


The night unravels in mystery
Boundless darkness penetrates
The earth and stars beyond
Whispering the stories from history.

I am sitting alone by the window
Counting the memories that dons,
The loosening pages of my memoir
Untie the knots from the moments subdued in time.

As I turn the pages of the memoir
The ripples within the pool of my mind
Keep widening and widening, in awe
I am swimming nonchalantly in the past.

The day I almost drown, rushed like a mirage
And, occupied the uppermost thought
In gratitude I thank the Lord
As I hold the memoir close to my heart.

The day I passed my Lower Secondary Examination
Followed by the day my dad presented a Robin Hood bicycle,
In sequence the memory began to dance wild
And, I am happy, I recalled the hidden past of younger days.

Then, the thought of the day I escaped from garrulous bees
In the forest back in Pengkalan Hulu
Send shivers through my back bone
Yes, once again my gratitude to the Greatest
For the second life given - for the second time.

One day, it so happened I climbed a tree to pluck some langsat
It was fated that I step the rotten branch. And, it snapped.
Swiftly, I grasped another branch, and a balancing act ensued.
His bountiful grace spared me another chapter, and I am here now.

Loosening pages of my memoir appeared in random orders,
And, one day when I was 10 my mum gave me RM5.00
To buy some sweets and biscuits that pleases me most
Alas, somehow I lost my purse with only RM5.00 in it
I cried alone, all along the way from town
B’coz, I knew, I won’t get another RM5.00 in the nearest future.

One page loosened from the stack and gently touched the floor
Oh my God!! it was the day I fell from motorbike – first fall,
The bike was not mine. The GP 100 Suzuki belonged dearly to a dear friend.
In hasty rush I borrowed the bike awhile and rammed into a dog -
a black dog. It escaped with minor injuries, but me the rider
with brutal bruises on both elbows and knees. Huh!! Painful.
I offered to repair the bike, my friend refused to accept.
I thank God again for His kindness, b’coz I had no money then.

The 1982 I passed my Middle Secondary Examination
That put me strolling into Higher Secondary. My dad was so excited and
his generosity earned me a watch, SEIKO brand, priceless indeed.

Yes, how could I leave this one out from the list
The day I took my dad’s Vespa Scooter PG1381 for a ride
And, that too without his permission. I banged into a rock. The rock was o.k.
But, the front mudguard was damaged. Once again the Lord showered His Grace.
My friends helped with the repair job, and the Scooter - back to normal.

Last, but not least, this one is still fresh in my mind
Where I once climbed a tree, a tall and big tree – just for fun.
With my Seiko watch on my wrist, and the needle ticking away,
Five desperate hours passed by, my tears were rolling down
Before I could figure my way down.

A little reminder of a life lived sometime back in time
Vivid collections, woven into life to harness the beauty of life itself.

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

The day my shadow disappears...

The day shall arrive
Where you won’t see
My shadow falls anywhere.

Though the sun maybe high up
Falling on everything naked
The day shall arrive
Where you won’t see
My shadow falls anywhere.

At any time of the day, months or years
My shadow won’t fall anymore
For when that day come
I shall be entombed
Within the grasp of Mother Earth.

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Pengkalan Hulu II

The memories drowned in time

Still accosting me closely,

And within as I spread my wings for now

They reverberate with joy and sorrow.

The land I once measure barefooted

Still carry the remnants of my childhood plays,

Despite the turmoil of my wavy thoughts

That keeps me far from many things

I know in the depth of her soul

Pengkalan Hulu still carves a niche for me.

As I pluck my memories one by one

And lay each across the ever spreading mind,

An insoluble conundrum of mystical rhyme

Begin to rise in me with euphoric expansion.

Inscrutable indeed the play of fate

A place so enchanting, quintessence of peace,

I am forced to walk out from,

To fulfil the yearning to make a living.

At each thought of Pengkalan Hulu,

A profound hush of bliss arise within me

I wish to re-enter the heaven again

Before my eternal call arrive at my door.

Oh! Pengkalan Hulu

At every thought of you

I see nothing but hills, cluster of hills

I hear nothing but wind, whistle of wind

I feel nothing but bliss, inexplicable bliss

I touch nothing but earth, the brown earth.

Will my breath mingle with yours?

Let me know before it’s too late.

©2009 cyclopseven. All rights reserved 010209.