Thursday, April 30, 2009


Susurration of thoughts

Whispers indistinctly

In vague I stare at eternity.

Each fusillade

Unto time stream

Feeding the wilderness in my heart

Building strong roots.

The commodious space

No more there within the mind,

For me to roam and play.

Sesquipedalian cheers

I receive from all corners

I remain void.

I sit wondering

Whether to absquatulate

Without or within



A crepuscular ray

Grinned at me,

Sign of hope.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 300409.

Monday, April 27, 2009

It’s never been easy…..

The night splashes wild
While in the bed I lie still
The roof smiles mild
And the fan rotates lifelessly.

Reality that dawn
Speaks of strangeness
Strangeness of feelings
Drawn together in attachment.
It is hard, I know it is tough
My liberty my freedom
Speaks my mind in loud yell
Though the pain
Pricks the heart in silence.

That which binds
One day shall break the tie.
Why this test at this point
Is the struggle a must?
Though stands apart
Pain and pleasure, are
two sides of a coin.
Values of both
Make the truth.

I am casting my back unto eternity
Leaving my face in the present
My mind weaves the thoughts
One by one analyses the depth.
As I think deeper and broader
I am confused
And my conscience derails my feelings.
But, I learn a thing
Everything is but a wisp of smoke.

As my feet take me far
I am rooted in me,
A new world I see in dazzling brightness.
But yonder, the night sky reminds me
Of the authenticity that arises within
And I am made to admit
I am not ready for the change.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 270409.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A tree

I see the leaves drop in silent agreement,
Natural, I suppose.
I see many leaves with green and yellow colors,
Tolerance, I suppose.
I see the branches assent in agreeing motion,
Divine dance, I suppose.
I see the fissures on the bark, the home for ants,
Generosity, I suppose.
I see the strong trunk that speaks nothing,
Obedience, I suppose.
I see a tree standing tall for a long time,
Perseverance, I suppose.
I see a witness to all that is happening around us,
Silent accord, I suppose.
I see infinity spelled beautifully on the tree,
Timelessness, I suppose.
I see wonders of nature spilled on the tree
Divine signature, I suppose.
Finally I feel, love emanates from the tree,
Life, I suppose.

I realised
It carries a river of wisdom
No mind can hold,

I surrender this ego.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 250409.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

No Place To Call Home

Dead long ago
In the graveyard they lay rest,
Amidst the silence of the cemetery.
Their mind finds peace.
A place so dear to them and to all
Yet so far in the mind of the living fools,
Six feet under physically entombed
At last, a place to call their own.

The living though near, still far
Minding the pleasure of the senses,
And the growing worldliness
Begin to gnaw the sleeping tombs.
The greed for money
Slowly flattening the cemetery
Disturbing the peace of nature’s memory
Throwing away the remnants of the dead.

Yes, money speaks with it powerful value
Disregarding the little respect even for the dead
Above them the earth is scratched many times
As apartments and condominium finds the way through.
The sleeping dead is fading with modernization
Where scarcity of land kills the ethic of man
Tombs debased in the name of development
The bones desecrated with outright greed.

The voices of the dead is dead forever
Giving rise to the erratic insatiability
Profit making- the rules beyond ethics
And the graveyard dilemma
Silently, silenced by the ravenous diggers.
A place to call home is no more for the dead
Though concrete building rises vertically

Oh man!
When will the morality of mankind be preserved?
If not now, it will never.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 180409.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Red Lantern

a red lantern
hanging in the wooden hut
a boy's delight it has become
who wish for a heaven as bright
and beautiful as a red lantern.
every twilight he set the light burning
and pray in silence of the moment
may he be granted a heaven
with loving parents he shall unite again.
a red lantern
burning bright in red
its shades paint the face of the boy
he glows happily in hope
that one day a red lantern
will be his heaven.
days passing swiftly, together the boy grows too
the lantern fades but not the hope
the fire still burning, leaving hope
tomorrow still a heaven to be.
©2006 cyclopseven. All rights reserved.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mum….....Everything ceases to be

Everything ceases to be
The law says so
And I have seen that – daily.

Everything ceases to be
In growth we love and smile
In constriction we fear and growl
In time to come
Everything shall cease to be.

Knowing everything shall cease to be
I strive to accept the reality
That unchanged reality, the king of truth
That one day everything shall cease to be.

Try as hard as I may
To believe that everything will cease to be,
I can’t forsake the rising tsunami
That feeling of strong attachment
My mum - how could I see her pass through?
So easily and swiftly.

I wonder if the umbilical bond
Is severed for good with only yearnings remain,
Where goes the spirit if not mingling with feelings
Of the loved ones born with her and born from her?
Stranger I am to many people around me
But, I know to my mum am neither stranger nor friend
Just like other siblings, I am to her, another life.

A day before her passing away
Her look sang a melody
Her request for me to kiss her on her cheek
Pierced my heart with fear of separation.
The words uttered from the bed
Still sounds clear to me
The last physical existence she knew was nearing
When she said with that loving gaze
“I am leaving”.

I wished not that for that
Alas! The law speaks non-stop
“Everything shall cease to be one day”

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 110409.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Cosmic Consciousness

Waxing desires
Killing my thoughts,
One by one reaching the naught
Pulling the spirit out from wryness.
It’s the beginning of a dawn
My heart yearns for it long
An experience in cosmic consciousness
A rare kind, unsullied and blissful.
The sudden constriction of thoughts
Wiped the surface once covered by scratches
Giving rise to the subconscious existence
Only to lovingly let it vaporize into the universe.

Realization that dawn
Teaches me many new things
But, to let go the temporal is a must
An art - hard to learn and rarely come by.
I am sitting here staring at my mind
Whispering to my own self
The wonders of this creation
And, gently as I undo the woven desires
Thinner and finer I am becoming
Merging silently with the universal mind.

I know the rush is no more
Eternity takes charge from now
In that I go nowhere
And, I come from nowhere,
I just exist beyond the eyes that see,
And without the eyes I shall not cease from becoming.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 050409.

The Search

Traveling alone
Along the narrowest path
I let my memories cascade
Squeezing joy and sorrow from my eyes.
My vision blurs
With watery layer
Swelling up gradually,
My eyelids tremble with fear.

The path is too narrow
To contain both the feelings
Harrowing sorrow, joyous joy
The domain is meant only for the dominant.
I dance to slow euphoria
Fighting against wriggling pain
Alas!! With only one mind
I am walking on the fence.

Shall I open up to wider options?
I ask myself a million times,
Each time I question thus
The mind shudders with inferiority.
Travelling alone
Along the narrowest path
Is not as easy as one sees
‘coz colours of life hidden completely.

My walk takes me far
I am reaching a fork ahead
Which way is the right one
I scratch my head as I liquefy the self.
Whichever way I choose to traverse
This game of life is mine to weave
A masterpiece I want to make
Out of the brilliance
That emanates from the spirit.

Traveling alone
Along the narrowest path
The universe provides the mean
So I shall forsake the narrowest path
For a broader search, the universe holds me in awe.

©2009 cyclopseven. All rights reserved 040409.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Will it dawn?

The obsidian look
Portrays the pain
Castled within the soul
Irrevocable, and contagious.
Fleshly bonds
Keeps many in tears
Fearing a loss
Which is always there.

Do we actually part?
Is there such a departure?
In my mind the fight swirls
A mystery remains untangled.
Ages have gone
Wisest were born
And wisely they depart
Knowing the transient well.

Everything exist in parallel
A world you and I hardly see
We pretend to know all
But, without knowing the goal.
What was there before birth?
And what will be there after death?
None knows what lies beyond
Because the mind plays the dice well.

I am the body, so I am real
The science taught me so,
I am not the body, so I am real
The religion taught me so.
In between the vast contrast
Humanity mingles with body and spirit
Immersed in own perception
Everyone believes they are right.

The earth goes rotating fine on its axis
Carrying different beliefs, ideologies and concepts,
With knowledge thickening day by day
The essence of existence we snatch from ourselves.
Will a day dawn on mankind,
That brings the domain of creation as one
The same one as in you and me
To cradle us back unto oneness in diversity?

©2009 cyclopseven. All rights reserved 030409.