Friday, March 20, 2015


It is all gone
Within splits of seconds
The visible disappeared.

It is magical
Oh!! It is magical
Stones unturned
Trees uprooted
Conscience eloped
Development runs wild
How fast it kills...

Rain forest ruffled
Her womb scourged
Such violence
What a painful extraction.
A treasure worth millions in years
A habitat built neatly over those years
So many unseen species go berserk
A place called home is now dead.

The wind has no place to go
While the sun merrily burns
The earth is getting loose like teardrops
Because it cannot hold anymore.
The little joys
The camaraderie
The citizens of rainforest shared
Is farther now, even from a dream.

Tribal in their ignorant
Cheated to paltry psychological
Of modern man’s deadly intentions
To bore and tear their homes
In return of sweetened poisons offered.
No man claim to have done that
Yet every man is aware a tree is dying
At every turn of the clock’s needles.

Who cares?
I am contented with my life
I have my shade a home called heaven
Go damn with others.
Attitude kills mama
It kills slowly
For one day we may not have trees around us
And oxygen may become a commodity
You and I have to buy to breathe again and again.

And civilizations may never rise again.

©copyright reserved. cyclopseven 200315.