Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rise Please - MH 370

Stolen from the hearts of many 
The lights of their lives and hope.
Dotting the sky on 8th March 2014
The modern bird seemingly vanished into thin air
Clues nor trails dense could not be seen anywhere
But only guesses, theories and speculations.
MH370 a bird from Malaysia succumbed
To an unknown mystery leaving minds baffled.
As young as 2 and as old as 76
All missing, magically transported into realms unknown
239 the numbers gone missing, and as claimed by technology
Unto the depth of Indian Ocean the calculations ended.
On the land after traumatic tearful waiting days
A reunion deemed so shady, but separation as announced is sturdy.
Among many moments in human lives
Reunion and separation are the most intense
Reunion a momentary bliss will slowly fade in joy throughout life
While separation dives deep into the heart and let it bleed till death.
MH 370 has cast a veil so thick that the eyes couldn't reach
But within the wishful minds of many still a little hope glittering.
Where have you been hiding for so many days?
Is it true you are among the ripples of the wildest spot on earth?
A dark night It was as you winged through the wind above
Crossing a path unexpected with an uncanny diversion
You set the haunting mystery to march on and on for days
Setting sleeplessness a routine with only hope and faith to lean upon. 
Now MH370, if indeed it is true that you are gone for good
A little note I wish you have written on the lashing waves for us to read.
I am telling you that minds in pain can anytime go insane
The power infallible please speak to us through any language you prefer
Please let not the scar of weeks wind up the lives of anticipating ones
Muster whatever courage remains, tell us there are still a few fighting the waves.
An answer is what the world is expecting to hear
How long will it take for you to rise with the truth?
©cyclopseven.All rights reserved 260314