Friday, January 28, 2011

Call It By Any Name.....

There is this energy
By many names, one chooses to call
By many terms, one chooses to describe
This energy is always the same.
Beyond the veiled consciousness
And beyond the veiled unconsciousness
This eternal energy exists unchanged
Symbolized by names and forms.

Known as God to many around the world
It is the power where lightning gain the brightness
It is the power where thunder thunders with might
This energy energizes everything in this universe.
Science vows to unravel the mystery of this Mighty One
But, at each layer they stop only to marvel the ceaselessness
Of this power, which synchronizes the universe in perfect order
And permeates the macrocosm and microcosm of this existence.

I do not believe that such a magnificent splendorous energy
Be bonded by religious, traditions, race and languages
Like colors of many kinds the flower comes forth in the garden
Likewise the existence folds and unfolds in myriad exhibition.
I believe in this energy that walks the space with love
Casts its gaze on each and all without a second’s absence
I believe not the God that speaks through volumes of printed materials
Yet remain handcuffed within the borders of one religion.

The grandeur power that underlies the passivity of creation
The unifying power that sustains the activities in creation
That energy by any name one may call does not change by praises
But by firm resolute and immersion in love we may understand a little.
Spanning various times and climes it remain ever the same
Not colored by the powers that convert humankind into selfish creatures
Rather remain there witnessing the flow with grace unknown to us
This is one energy many may deny yet silently living with it.

To fathom this unfathomable mystery of this eternal sustainer
The mind needs to steadfastly remove the thorny desires
And together the remnants of the past pains too must be plucked
Then to our little understanding the mystery of God will dawn
Just a peep into that, changes take place in our lives
Miracles we call it to meet our understanding.

God, indeed a mystery, compassionate mystery
Not a being, not a thing, but, everything.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 28012011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Clouding desires

Beat the night that howls like wolf
Let in the light that brightens the soul
Life has its maze to drive us crazy.
As you beat the howling night away
The drudgery hankering, unto graveyard we drive away
Dissolving the maze before the dawn of haze.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 27012011.


Dreadful diagnosis
To tell is a burden
To spell is a hell
To remember is a dark spell
This word kills one
Sooner, before the treatment.

@cyclopseven. All rights reserved 27012011.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hiding beyond light
In the daylight shine of the sun
It follows us intact.
Grasp it by hand
It remains impalpable
Step it hard
It hardly cries out pain.

It is ever there
Yet never there.

We see or not
It matters not
For the blocked light
It speaks so.

@cyclopseven. All rights reserved26012011.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Cooling water
Of the running stream
Subdues my chatting
The inner chattering
A small gap, perhaps,
But a big relief
A gigantic depth of peace
Streams down
Freezing the moment.
The greenery I see around
Eagerly soothes my eyes
Opening a new vista
Beyond the horizon,
Just a second of admiration
Nature enters my being
So profound a feeling
Blissfully I am entombed within.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 250111

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bedroom strangers

Strangers on the same bed
One sleeps facing the right wall
Another sleep facing the left wall
In between is the bolster.
They are strangers on the same bed
They speak not with each other
They look not at each other
But they share the same bed.
Irony has no shadow
To mark its existence
But witty human behaviors
In the name of relationship.
The mark of superiority spoils many
Inferiority too kills many
Integrity is a word on the paper
The thicker it is written
The worst dignity becomes.
Days that pass by
Do not confer a solution
They were once together
But not anymore.
The winds of change
Blow the love far
Now in place, grows hatred
Hatred seeded by desires unfulfilled.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 23012011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Infinity trickles
As I open my mind a little
Infinity trickles
As I let me expand a little.
The centripetal of existence
That infinite energy
Masquerading behind
Realms visible and invisible.

I exist
Thus, I am born
I exist
Thus, I die.
In infinity
I am alone
But, in the fullness of oneness.

And I am infinite.

©cyclopseven. All reserved 19012011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


“Yest night I was just infront of ur house at 9pm.
Thot of calling u but thot again u might be on skype
So didn’t wanna disturb. gud day”

Smses are wonders of technology
Short thoughts passed on
From one hand phone to another hand phone
And the shorter it comes
The better it is.

Some short messages
A little longer than usual
Yet the smses carry volumes
And some stay longer in our heart.
Some sent with charm
Some intends to harm
Yet each carries a message
Perhaps easier conveyed
Thru smses, rather than spoken words.
©cyclopseven. All right reserved 18012011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


That which buys the soul
By killing the conscience
To make right appears unrighteous
To make wrong appears righteous
Beyond the laws that govern man and nature
That which buys the dirt and covers it with gold
That which buys the gold and covers it with dirt
Without least concern about the world around
Nor about the laws to abide
That which unbuttons the shirt in the secret corners
And unzip the pants to quench the thirst
A little trifle worthless desires to gather amass
To make the false appears truly true
And to cover the fire with newspapers
And that which burns water with greediness
And that which fans breeze into typhoon
And that which cools typhoon into breeze
Lies still in the pocket of humankind.
To escape the heat of law
To fight the justice with injustice
Corruption goes all the way
To get all the knots undone
In trickily unknown ways.
Corruption goes deeper
Unto places of worship too
Fighting for power and status,
God too they bribe,

And, God says shhhhh
Don’t tell anyone!!!!

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved110111.


The morning dewdrops
Poetically descends
Inspiring the withered soul
From the depressive slumber.
Scattering across the meadow and
On the leaves above the head
I see shining dots of rainbow colors
Like diamond studded crowns
Glittering from the tip of each grass
And the surface of the leaves.
In colorful reflection filling the heart with joy
Life bubbles as the dewdrops smiles to the sun
Transient indeed this colorful projection
The dewdrops dry up soon as the sun hits the peak,

But, the splendor is etched deeply in my heart.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 110111.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


The road that takes me nowhere
I realized not, actually takes me everywhere
Amazing indeed this strangeness
Life is, of course, a journey of many ways.
The ambiguity gradually cease into antiquity of mind
Unambiguous ways I am seeing in slow speed
Thus the mind conceal things when the will solidifies
Allowing us a glance at the sprouting life.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved050111.


When a child is born unto you
remember my dear ones
it’s a gift chosen by the omnipresent love
for you to nurture and culture
the baby in the cradle of humanity.
no amount of feeding
no amount of hugging
can keep a child closer to you
but only a care with love
not love without care.
worry not his ways of misbehaving
hurry to guide him within your embrace
teach him no matter how long
what is right, and
what is wrong.
books will not give him education
nor medicine give him health, but
caring love gives a child everything,
give him unsullied tender love of his understanding
you will see the lotus bloom fighting the mire;
a child is white pure
till the life is spread before us
and we start to paint the color we like
always ignoring the child’s favourite colors
and we paint the color the way we like
always ignoring his way of coloring;
a child is vulnerable
to many abuses
faster you must move
a fence must be placed
warding the abuses
of gentle and hard;
a child
given unto humanity,
a message from the highest
that in God’s miracle
a child is ever pure
a sign that God still love human kinds;
love hard but with care
guide gently but with firmness
offer salutation to all in highest heaven
and soothe a child
with love and care,
the child will soothe again
with love and care
and a lotus blooms,

©cyclopseven. All right reserved050111

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Monday, January 03, 2011

Arriving moment

With a twinkle in her eyes
And a sigh from her mouth
The luscious memory running wild
I remain frozen immersed by the night.
My gaze telescope the starry sky
That dazzles the firmament through out time
Her smile still eludes me from the distance
Though I leave my eyes and heart opens ajar.
Languishing in that corner of the empty heart
I measure the length of my shadow on the floor
I know it is the time for the presence to be felt
But, today not a whisper I heard from her.
I let the heartbeat to continue until it learn to rest
For the beating heart can be aching if it is too hard
In an almost barren state of icy coldness the heart stays
I wish that moment will arrive with her by my side.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 020111