Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Master, His Silence

Our eyes met for the first time
Your benevolent gaze
And my anticipatory look
Sealed the silence in perfect harmony.
I asked a lot of things
Yet you said nothing at all
I beseech your forgiveness
Yet you said nothing at all.
The hoary silence that carries you around
Is too mystical for me to experience,
As Your steps kiss the soil gracefully
There too I heard nothing but only silence.

Down deep within me
I know that you are aware of me
But, why this silence of the dead
When I try to reach out to you?
Have I indulged in too much worldliness,
That blocks me the right to be with you?
Aren’t you suppose to guide me through
With love and consoling words?
I don’t know who you are in that body of yours
The experience I have had some time ago
Kills my conscience daily with arguments
About who and what you are actually.
The parables of motion, and words of silence
I play not that game my master
I am too little for this game of yours
And the rules seem too harsh for me to follow.

I know you are love personified
Just like many masters who had come and gone
Just like many masters who may come in the future
I know like an open book you let yourself move.
But, I am too little to know that words of your message
Day and night I crave for your presence in my conscience,
Alas!! You are too illusive beyond my mind’s grasp
And, I keep hoping for that illusory veil is removed soon.
Too little knowledge is too dangerous to make a life
I know you said that many times before and now as well,
But, that is all I could afford to offer, for that’s the size of my coffer.
Take it to your heart’s content, allow me a little contentment
Please stop this hide and seek game, I am lost many a times
And, again and again I don’t want to be the loser.

My master, I know my faith is tested by your silence
Like the dried leaf I am allowing myself to drop
Blown by the wind till it reaches merciless end
I know my faith is tested, give me your hand my dear master
Only once, and let me sleep in your bosom
And walk the eternity in your dream
Allow me to be certain of your uncertainty
Fully imbibing your nonchalant attitude.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 250711.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The world within a circle

Within the circle of experience
Life revolves for many of us
Revolting against the world beyond
We close the door to our hearts.
Senses five, with experience manifold
Caging us in deliberate ignorance
Wanting not more of our being
We become prisoners of our own selves.
Across the circle, a world vast lies
Beyond the reach of our eyes
We all know that very well
Yet, within our ignorance we dwell.
Lugubriously we walk with cheerful mask
Cheating the world and ourselves too
For us this world within the circle
Is itself too much to bear and bask.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 240711.

Monday, July 18, 2011

If my dead is your light

 If my dead is your light
Take it freely as I won’t fight,
Cherish it with golden memories
That comes along till your last breath.
I succumbed many times in this journey
Despite the injuries and shattered emotion
The Lord wills that I am back on my feet
To continue this life again and again.

Again I say, if my dead is your light
Take it freely as I won’t fight.
For many passages I have trodden in this life.
And, each is but another facet of the same.
The hoariness of a distant memory
Echoes the mystical chorus from somewhere
I know there is a place hidden in time
Spared for me by the Lord compassionate.

This deadened feeling tells a funny story
Though I care less to tell the world,
Within the grooves of my memory
I do keep it stored as fresh as ever.
If my dead is your light
Take it freely as I won’t fight,
For I know there will be a day
As the light you may come again to see me.

If my dead is your light
Take it freely as I won’t fight.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 18072011.

Monday, July 11, 2011


He lies in pain writhing vaguely
Fighting the gripping pain in his stomach,
He the shadow of a society
A civilized society
That lives a dead life.
In the dead of the night
The homeless eyes shrunken deep
Burning like amber
The eyes of a soul neglected.

The tree cries too for him by shedding a few leaves
And, under that tree, he found his way to be free
The wind sings too, a solemn breeze for this man,
Whose life is but the shadow of our ignorance.
Tonight, perhaps tonight will be the last night of him
As the night goes deeper,
Bloodsucking creatures began to climb on him.
The tattered shirt is no more a shirt
But rags worn over a dying body,
That we use to wipe off the dirt of our feet.
A body long forgotten by the living
For they live a materialists civilization.
Thrown on one person, or perhaps more
By cohesive civilized ignorance
He, a loser not. Laziness perhaps a word rusted.
They ‘whys’ of this man’s life is not the question here.

Insignia of our ignorance
The homeless is our shadow of selfishness
Placing our feet along the same route daily
Hardly to our heart this homeless finds his way.

The shadow is dying.
Our shadow is dying.
The homeless
A phantom for us.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved050711