Monday, September 29, 2008

Sweetest Rose

Rose, painted red
The blooming rose
Painted red
Wildly dances
On dry branch.

She is pretty
She is cute
As I smell her
She smiled, mute.

The blooming rose
I cuddled her tight
Kissing her
Hard to let her go by.

She the rose
Unscathed she cared for me
Ramming my emotion
In love, I melted.

The blooming rose
Built a nest in my heart
I promise to myself
That I will care her eternally,
Even if I am pricked a million times
And millions of blood drop
May paint the earth,
Amidst that pain
I will still smile,

Knowing she is still blooming
Though under someone else's care.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008


I stand naked
In front of the mirror,
But, my shadow
Is smartly dressed.

The ego never die,
not even in death.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

25 September 2008

Inerasable from my memory
As the passage of emotion
Found its way between the minds.
The evening cast the usual scene
When the twilight closed the day
But, my heartbeat anticipated
A moment of explosive romance.
My garrulous mind
Took a calm recede that day
Because I allowed her to stay
And dance in me as she may.
She promised she would be there at 6:30PM
But, not a glimpse of her shadow fell on the dot
Yet, down deep I felt nothing hard of waiting
Because I know she will be there sooner or later.

She came, and we went for dinner
And later we went for a drive
A drive to a nearest town for a cool breeze
And, also a wondrous drive within recesses of mind.
We talked a lot of things
Things I can hardly remember now
Because I was intoxicated then
With a presence that cares.
The benighted night
Sparkled with joyous surge
With her by my side.
As I drove her through the busy street
I grasped her slender hand
My fingers interwoven between hers.
So, we went slowly across the border
For a slow drive to travel in the highway of romance
She handcuffed me with her look
But, I didn’t feel the trap at all.

Slowly I brought her hand closer to my lips
As I kissed, the fragrance vibrated in my nose
And she said, “it is Estée Lauder”.
I rejoiced in the smell as well.
The drive was slow, my breathing was calmer
No hurry, no worry of whatsoever
Being with her is the moment of sanctified euphoria
I lost myself in the sea of her care and look.
Her hand reached my cheek
The left cheek at the right moment
Humming silently, my whispers danced breezily
To the smooth touch of her slender fingers.

Time passed by slower and slower
I was in complete harmony with nature and mostly with me
She killed the inner chattering as her arm she rested on my palm
The touch that matters most, touched the soul in distress.
Incontrovertibly, I establish her in my mind, and,
Allowed her napping in the care of my hand
That strolled through her thick luscious hair
She gracefully pulled her head forward,
A little space for my hand.

When she sprinkled her stare
My heart lingered in her broad care
Reaching home was unremitting pain
But, alas! The law says everything must settle
And to the end, with a double hug and parting pat
I let her go, at least for the day
I wish it recurs once more, repeatedly.

As she said bye, the demure look she gave
Cornered my breath
I wished the night doesn’t fade
A little tear within my heart
Began to rip apart my guts
As she left me with a goodbye
And good night.
Surely a wonderful night
If eternally she remains in my sight.

But, when the bubble broken
I began to vanish
Thinner and thinner I became
My dream shattered
And my world shrunken,

I am awakened,
To sleep again
For another dream.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Little wishes

I wish I am there
To smell your hair.

I wish I am there
When you comb your hair

I wish I am there
When your hair sway

I wish I am there
To caress your silky hair

I wish I am there
To run my fingers
Through the shiny strands.

I wish
I wish
I just wish…

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Holy month of Ramadan and Pasar Ramadan (Ramadan Market)

This month Ramadan, is the ninth month of Islamic Lunar Calendar. This is the holiest month. It is considered the time for increased prayers, spiritual practices, charity and sharing among families and friends. During this period every adult Muslims are obliged to fast, between dawn and sunset. This means they have to abstain from all food and drinks, smoking and also sexual contact which forms some basic requirements for physical purification. While, the spiritual aspects of fasting prohibits them from entertaining or harbour vengeance, gossiping, lying, slandering, refrain from obscenity and many more. This is more intended to assist the Muslims to strengthen their self-discipline, self-restraint, goodwill and also to constantly aware of others who lives in poverty and hardship. The month of Ramadan ends with grand celebration known as Eid Mubarak, Aidil Fitri or Eid-Ul-Fitr which means the grand day of breaking the fast.

One common sight all over Malaysia, during the holy month of Ramadan is the setting up of Pasar Ramadan or Ramadan Market which sells all kind of food, vegetables and fruits. This enables our Muslim brothers and sisters to get whatever food or vegetables they want before breaking the fast daily. With the increasingly busy lifestyles people prefer to buy their food from Pasar Ramadan. One can get almost anything there. This time of the year is not only enjoyed by the Muslims, but also by the non-Muslims who can go and buy whatever they like to eat.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Miracle Divine

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brush and shave the problems aside.....

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I am born
Within me
Though the passage
Is the womb.

In death
I shall die
Within me too
Though the passage
Remain unknown.

Death is nowhere
But here
Within each of us.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

My room, my paradise….

Everyone needs a place to enjoy the quietude and to escape the hustle and bustle of daily lives. Many finds in by the river, by the mountains or hills, under the trees and many other places, but all these places do not guarantee one the privacy to quench the longing for a deep satisfaction, to regurgitate the pains and to inhale the bliss.

Though I enjoy being close to nature, sitting in a quiet corner of my room, I can still be at peace with everything around including me, void of intrusion. Today is very special. The euphoric feeling is assailing me from all corners. I feel very light and relaxed within. That which I considered burdens and pains have vanished, at least for now. I am working in Penang (known also as the Pearl of the orient). Though, life in Penang is quite an enjoyable and pleasant one, I still prefer my hometown Taiping, which is about 85km from Penang. I have been working in Penang for almost 14 years and I could count the number of weekends that I spent in Penang.

The stillness that permeates my room is the gravitational force that is pulling me back. Being in my room propels the serenity which gives rise to an eternal feeling of non-attachment to many things. I am more inspired being in Taiping rather than in Penang. The feeling of oneness with everything around and the mysterious pleasant feeling in my room invokes an aura of utter stillness which surpasses any explanation worth given here. The whiff of an ancient, very ancient touch surrounds me all the time. It helps to recharge me for another week’s assignment, before I rush back to enjoy the tranquility of my room, again and again.

I leave the walls empty, so that one day, I can paint my favourite mural on them. Just can’t find the right time. I know I have to do that faster, before the right time, finds me!.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

I miss you

Someone said she missed me
Without knowing how much I missed her.
I know some people miss me a lot
But do they know how much I miss them?

I wonder.

Tears evoke the fondness in me for her
Amidst the bleak evening in my life
I know I miss her lot, measurable only by tears
But does she know that I miss her lot?

I wonder.

Like a conjurer I am trying hard to hide
And manifest the feeling that is just a friend
Wearing a discolored look on my face
I am embracing her almost every second.

She stands superior than the rose beside this thorn
Am, but gripped in desires which I cannot hold
Everything appears grey in the middle of twilight
But, I am still able to see the color of my sweetie pie.

Without mind, a person is mad
Without the heart, the person is dead
With both I am here, feeling sad.
I know I miss you
I wish you know that too

Amidst the bouts of pain
I still can think of you, none, but you.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The wind

The wind whispers
Hushing sound of love
I hugged her tight
Yet she slips away,
Leaving her eyes
She is there.

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Divine Signature

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Monday, September 15, 2008

A simple prayer…

When I am down
I pray that I remain strong,
When you are down
I pray the same way
So I will be there to trap your teardrops
On my shoulder
Before they touch the earth.

Trust me, my friend
Divine wonders work many ways
And I believe I am one of it.

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In love.....

Brightness that subdues

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Deadly widow

The black widow
Courting her own tryst
To swallow death

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The Journey

In defiance
The veil I lift
From the mirror of life.

It’s me again, I see,
Standing against the my own image

None else, but me,
traveling non-stop
In defiance.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The feelings ancient

An ancient feeling
Suddenly surging from within.
From a legacy hidden beyond mind
I know I was part of that, ages ago.
I am feeling the joy
The bliss like waterfalls
Washing my conscience
Freeing me from the murky thoughts.

Yes, I know this feeling is ancient
Yet parallel to the present
I wish I am there, but still be here.

Yet alongside came the poignant memories
Of lives hidden beyond comprehension
Manifests, leaving the mark of claws
Ingrained, in-between the thoughts.

Hazy visions of faces unseen
Appear sad within the memory
Make me vulnerable as I see them in tears.
A strange relation that ceases to show
I believe, linking me to a world, ancient.
I shed tears as I see them staring at me
Mellowed in the passage of time
They are poor, but full of love.
Anchored in sadness
I slowly withdraw
From this ancient feelings
Of happiness and sorrow.

But, with conscience

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Pain, it reigns

The pain
It reigns.
It runs across my veins.
It is not easy
Never will it ever be.
Attachment is sweet
To detach is bitter.

To meet you is the sweetest
Attempting to part is very bitter.
Knowing you adds the glitter
Withdrawing this heart is very bitter.

It’s very painful
I learned the lessons
That attachment can give
And detachment may face.
Forgetting you is surely painful
I realized I am scratching the old sore
And it starts to bleed non-stop
In drops it rolls down the cheeks.

Why the meeting is so fated?
And, why must I be so attached?
I have no answer for this
And also for many things.
This heart of mine shall try to forget her
Though in attempting to erase the memory
She may continually be there,
With captivating smile
And eyes that carries serenity.

Is this my destiny?
The destiny is she?

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Door of love?

One day in the past
Obscured in time
A dove came flying
And, knocked at my heart.
I opened my heart, happily
And she perched in my heart.
She latched my heart from inside, and,
And never leave that room, since then.

But, in her heart
I gained no hold
For the door of her heart
She locked it
Both from within and without.

I searched many time
For a door
To gain entrance
To unlock her heart,
Alas! Never did I find one

Will it remain the same, ever?
She holds the answer
It’s now,
or never.

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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Do we care enough?

Grieving faces flowing with pain
Seeing guns flare with fire.
Their blood drying from heat
As their fear mount the beat.

Shrieking sound of hopeless survival
Make them naked without faith.
They bare their soul in place of food
Yet they get not that which is good.

Seeing the dead, lying motionless
The vision becomes numb and scarred
The vultures that soars high, too,
Cries of human degradation.

Along the road to humanity
I see many souls lying still
Absent of smile and joy
They remain corpses with breath.

Alas! What a pandemonium we create in our mind
In place of love and care
We throw words and papers
To indicate that we all DO CARE.

Do we really care?
I asked myself many times
In sleep and with eyes open ajar
Do we really care?

With the pampered luxury
Only charity we care to part with
Sharing is, but many steps away
Down deep within the soul, a graveyard we have.

Love we speak, love we show
To all that we know, and to all that we care
For strangers that suffer the heat of dryness
We sympathise with tears rolling down, and nothing else.

Seeing the dead, lying motionless
The vision becomes numb and scarred
The vultures that soars high, too,
Cries of human degradation.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Heaven I Miss - Pengkalan Hulu

Sweet smell of burnt bushes and baked earth
still lingers in the memory though bygone in history
am awakened from the slumber’s depth
to the musical memory from the past gone by;
the days I used to wander
brushing the bushes in the forest
caring for the wild wilderness
now but a story shrouded in history
only to be told again and again;
the multicolored spiders
the poisonous snakes that slithered smoothly
beneath pile of dried rotten leaves
harmed me not even in their dreams;
the squirrels that gave me once a native fruit to eat
the monkeys that threw me once a bunch of fruits to be shared with friends
the Orang Asli (Natives of Malaysia) who guided me with their skills
are all but embedded layers of past thoughts;
the years rolled fast, past my youth
only for me to carry on with a bundle of memory;
oh, how I wish to be back then
to stroll again the motherly earth there
to smell again the burnt bushes and baked earth
to recover the sweet life hidden in the wilderness;
a place so dear to me
where survival taught in beautiful and colorful manner
hurt none embrace all;
I lived in meditation
utmost equanimity
life was full of equilibrium
amidst the greenery and serenity
of a forest
in Pengkalan Hulu
a heaven I lived once.

(this is a re-post.Posted elsewhere before)

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mutton Curry

I was hungry
My stomach began to kick me from within
I was hungry.
Waiting, while tutoring my friend’s son, Ghan
My hunger knew no bound
I began to see things in twos and threes
But not one.

Yes, I was hungry, damn hungry.

Ghan’s mum invited me
To have dinner together with them
A day before she reminded me
Dinner to be with them, a simple family.
I was hungry, and the time reached slowly
Tuition over, only dinner to revel
As I take my sit facing the plate
The aroma found its way to reach my nose.

I am a vegan, and my friend said,
“Don’t worry, this is vegetarian mutton curry
It smelled like real one, and tasted like one.
I tarried awhile and asked her again
“Is this real one?”
She answered, “Nope…it’s vegetarian mutton”

My mind wandered far, thinking of the taste
Of the mutton I used to taste years ago.
“Huh!! It’s so real the taste of mutton”
I told her that in repetition.

My hunger began to take monstrous mutation
As I swallowed the morsels of rice one after another
With vegetarian mutton hidden in between,
And gradually my stomach filled, the hunger killed.
The thick gravy of vegetarian mutton
Was, more than enough to keep me relishing the taste
Of mutton, I mean vegetarian mutton.

She is surely, a good cook
“I told her the food is nice”
She took it as compliment
Her husband too enjoyed to see
The sight of me enjoying the food
That he asked his wife to pack some for me
But, I said no as I don’t have a freezer to keep.

On my way back
I smiled in amusement
That’s the beauty of being a bachelor
Always invited to be at dining table
Of some loving people
Who surrounds me with love and care.

Thank you my friend
For the vegetarian mutton curry
With real smell and taste.

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This guy has nominated me for this award, and I thank him for that. SAGE has got a wonderful blog that depicts his adventurous sojourns along with some musings on aspects of life, plus a little historical touch every now and then. I really enjoy reading his works.

I follow the rules to nominate seven of my favorite blogs for this award. They add colors to my life.

- This blog contains emotional ramblings of a wonderful person that I have known since the past few years. She is from Malaysia and she writes a lot on relationship especially friendship. She shares her joy and pain through poems and short writes, and occasionally through some graphics.

DRINKING THE MOON - A site to marvel, a place to relieve emotional stress. This blogger posts pictures, everything nature, with captions. I talk to her blog almost daily, and my eyes really enjoy the feast. She has another blog too, that emphasizes more on paintings and digital abstract,

RICHARD - Richard doesn't write many articles, the most is 2 per month. But, his area covers an important aspect of life - aging - which most of us tend to avoid thinking or ponder over. His blog highlights some pertinent issues and consequences that usually arise during the aging process, ranging from health,loneliness etc. His advises and tips pertaining to aging will be of great benefit to all of us.

STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART - Arti is an Indian born writer who has passion for different genres of writing such as poetry, short stories, quotes and sensible articles.

URBAN BUTTERFLY - Known also as UB, she writes good poems of love and life, pain of separation and life experiences accompanied by some fantastic artworks.

AS GOOD AS IT GET - This blog contains writeups by a Cuban woman, on many little things that happen to us in our daily lives, yet most of us rarely identify ourselves with these things. But, Scarlet writes with such a candid flow and integrity on every little things, that one won't be bored scrolling through her pages.

MERSEAWILDLIFE - Dougal Urquhart posts beautiful pictures of sceneries, animals and insects, and wonderful sights of Mersea Island, Colchester, Essex, UK. Worth exploring, especially for all those who love nature.

Now, for those of you who want to accept your reward and all the benefits therein, here are your directions:

1) Put the logo on your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on yours
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

Congrats and good postings. God Bless.


Every single moment
I mingle with her in my thought
Nothing sexual by nature
Everything is pure admiration and attraction
Not fatal, but mild head over heel stuff.

It’s hard to neither define nor be defined
The border that separates this sweet fondness
Capricious indeed the feelings, like waves
Settled at one time, and unsettled at another.
Deeper and deeper as I liquefy myself towards this lady
Harder and harder my days are passing by
The time stops at every thought of her
And my work ceases to end as my breath inhale her scent.

As I count the stars across the Milky Way
The nights appear longer than the usual day
The asteroids laugh at me with shooting plays
Am I in love, or is it just a passing phase?
Am bewildered seeing my image in the mirror
I smile in pain, and I cry in pleasure
Am I in right set of mind, or am I insane
I ask and ask, the mirror laughs and said
“You are right in both ways”
Seated well in the throne of my mind
She reigns supreme with loving grace
I know she is not meant to share this life with me
But, never mind, everything is just a matter of mind.

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Monday, September 01, 2008

Her Hair

As she releases the hair straight
The breeze couldn’t wait to caress
And smell
Her soft hair.

As she walks across the floor
Her hair dances vivaciously
To the rhythm her feet takes.
The hair, her hair
Carries the weight of her charisma
Swaying to the gentle motion of her existence.

I admire her hair from a distance
And smile silently to my heart’s content,
When her hair turns and smiles at me, seductively black.

Her hair
Her crown
Shines like silken thread
To match her glowing beauty.

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Footsteps from the past

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