Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A letter to a friend

How are you, my dear friend?
Hope things are bright and right
With everyone around in happiness, dwell.

I am fine without anything to grumble
Except time is running fast
Leaving my youth behind
In this race towards future.

I am sorry for the increasing silence
In this golden silence
I wish to hear the footsteps of god
So I may know my original origin.

Don’t get me wrong buddy
In life we do take a break
At times a little longer than usual
Just to return, to where we belong within.

This letter is an important matter
To wade off the rainfall in your mind
That kills the sunny shower within you
And, lengthens the worrying drought.

Life is a mysterious journey
We come across many people
Some let their hands slip away from us
While some clings strongly to us
This bond is hard to explain
As to why not all but a few are close to us.

Though my silence takes me far within
Remember my friend that in my silence
You always there trailing my mind like the shadow
That falls only when the light is blocked.

I am there my friend, always.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 311208.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Tears that rolls
Sighing silently
At the painful sight
Of the many dead bodies.
Straddling the path of war
A battlefield proudly called,
Soulless bodies of fighters
Lie covering the grass green.
This land begets man to live
But, the lawless ones
Beget them to live to kill
And to go waste prematurely.
Cheap indeed the cost of human lives
Winners none, losers many
In between the bloodsucking woes
Hypocrites of war dance gaily.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 291208.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Life as it blooms…

The light that dawn
Sprinkles some hope
That life is always blooming
With colored seasons.
Divine indeed the mind
That seeks to rest on life
With less wants and more love
Sparing hope for many.
The pride of man
Rests not on status and riches
In the heart full of love
There the pride takes rest.
Everyday is a new day
Waiting to embark on new man
Who walks the path of the universe
Without least worrying the trails missed.
To life
My gratitude goes,
I shower thee with praise.
In my own manner
That suits me
I vow to live the good life.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 221208.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Seeping through vengeance

Hatred and religious bigotry
Gnaws the conscience with resentment
Towards their own kind.

Daylight is a tremendous bright
The eyes they close tight
And in darkness the dweller dwells
Within they spread with violent atrocity.

Every angle they watch with dead emotion
Deadly in their thoughts, humbly they surface
Starved to death, humanity murdered
In hunger human blood they barter with bullets.
With poor innocence the mask they wear
Hiding their true face
Hardly aware of ill intentions they bear
We move among them freely - void of fear
Realizing the brutality only when the pain arises.

The root splits humanity and deeper it goes
Worrying individuals nations and the world altogether
For, the mind that carries terrorism
Remain always subtly veiled from signs and symptoms.

Terrorism comes only from mankind
Infecting many across the lands
Unimaginable enclave of mankind with seething blood
That ruptures conscience of every soul on earth.
Every thought carries explosives beyond measure
To strike right on target and scatter the limbs about.

Terrorism – will there be an end?

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 121208.

Monday, December 08, 2008

A friend so dear...

(This poem is dedicated to wonderful person

whom I have known since the past 10 years – VENUS66)

A friend so dear

In pain and in pleasure

She strives to be there.

Her best I always get from her

A person with unique disposition

I am always proud to say

She is truly a wonderful friend

A teacher by profession

A wife to a wonderful husband

A mother of two brilliant kids

A daughter of devout parents

A great sibling to other siblings

And, mostly I admire her

Because she is a creative friend

A close one at that

In delight I proclaim high

I am proud I have known her

A friend so dear.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 071208.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


(I am dedicating this poem to all my friends from Malaysia and also from other parts of the word - Advance Merry Christmas from me.)

His was a
of unifying
love. Him,
the Christ
the world hails.
our burdens our sins unforgiven
by mortals
ordinary He bears them. on the cross He was nailed
by hypocrites of yonder, unknown to them His loving
power. in pain yet He forgave them the ignoramus.
in God,
He trust
His might.
this pure
Son of God
the Saviour
is glorified
the day
He was born.
Merry Christmas.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 071208
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Life's Ultimate

impinged between love and hatred
I wander alone penetrating the veil
that covers the silent night
in search of an answer for many wonders of life;
darkness is indeed mysterious
it conceals many of darkest secrets
leaving me ponder in search of the hidden treasures
a rare commodity lacking in heart;
enticing snare of immodest angels
garbed in pleasure immeasurable
stand guarding the vile thoughts against divine;
I continue my stroll in the stillness of my thoughts
provoking the ensnaring devilish ropes
I failed many times and I fell different ways
but once I stood strong with strength boundless
and a gush of bliss swept through
opening the petals of sweetness
cuddling me in nature’s embrace
and I heard stories of me being born again and again
in the cradle of human civilization;
aghast I stood still awhile
staring at highest heaven within me,
I realized that am born again once more
not to be born again but die anew
to breath with mother nature, eternally.

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©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 071208


by sending air through hollow bark
a trumpeter with a trumpet
works a miracle that hums
and put to sleep the sorrow of many;
with the didgeridoos in hand
surrounded by a circle of dance
the aborigines of the land down under
carves a memory in unwritten
notes of musical wonder.

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©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 071208

Friday, December 05, 2008

Unto Oblivion Goes All…

The shadow of the lion falls dark
Shading the tigers with hope stark.
Both entangled in ruthless war
That sees nothing more than a mere roar.
The lions claim their stand of might
The tigers claim their stand for right.
Trampled in between the war destructive
People with darkest hope without justice.
The dead ones speak loud in silence, eternally
Leaving the unborn praying to avoid the carnage.
None cares, the world heed not the wails
Slow death is certainly on the way.

War it is, nothing but a brutal war marked with blood
But, down deep it tells me a different feeling
The war is nothing, but ethnic cleansing
Sanctioned holy by the world,

Whilst praying for peace.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 051208.

Monday, December 01, 2008

This too will pass by...

The somber night
slowly glides in disguise
passing my mind
with a reverential bow,
I realize that this too will pass by...

Beyond the mask of the night
brilliant shine begins to expand
passing my mind
with a reverential bow,
I realize that this too will pass by...

©cyclopseven. All right reserved 011208.

Man and mind

Ensconced in regal poise
The King revels amidst the garbage
Disillusioned by his grandeur
His crown he allows to pale.

The low the mind stoops to set
The more our dignity bound to vanish
King we are, the claim is always laud
Mean and brutal in selfishness man swims.

A little effort is thrown for charity
And spoken with deafening loud
So to all the ears of the world
The act of charity may fall.

Pious act drabs their moves
Every single word carries recognition
In the name of the Almighty Lord
Man seeks to cover the soiled face.

How long will this last?
Man and mind is one indifferent
In fame and pleasures we wallow
Shedding tears glisten with selfish motives.

Ensconced in regal poise
The King revels amidst the garbage
Disillusioned by his grandeur
His crown he allows to pale.

©cyclopseven. All right reserved 011208.