Monday, June 06, 2016

Will it dawn...

Covered by lichen
The sterile heart
Hardens day by day.

I wonder when the shine will be
For the golden age to rise
To claim the height that we belong too
The pinnacle of soul!!

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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Deadlier than death.......

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the worst of words and careless deeds,
that let the living man flow in the street
in the name of poverty and homelessness
with labels unheard before in the name of research!!

pretense and glamor
make fine the rusted world
polishing the rust to glitter
the surface shines but not the beneath!!

superfluous expressions in mountainous height
dressed the minds and mouths of many
with hands tied neatly across their chest
and head held high up staring at the silent hills!!

this disease deadlier than death
becomes of humanity, none is spared
we generously let man flow in the street
in the name of charity we throw something
and humanity we call it!!

the good still rises
but deadlier still is this disease

I call it - NEGLECTION!!

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