Sunday, November 24, 2013

I am eternal

This second passes so swiftly,
With the breeze sweeping across my face, 
I am dissolved in this game full of uncertainties. 
Unreached by law of the mortals,
Melting with the joyous fraternity of the universe
Let the joy remains joyous, for what avails in joy is but joy
Wither the senses travel, perchance a new experience awaits
To not to be bonded my wishes always be. 
Alas!! Vicious indeed the objective world,
Every contact keeps the mind in chain.

This second passes so swiftly
With the breeze sweeping across my face,
In this eternal dance I am eternity
Unaffected by turmoils and turbulence.
Synchronized in blissful tryst with the cosmic divine,
Alas!! Vicious indeed the objective world
Every contact keeps the mind in chain. 
I am awaken again many many times 
Within my own unbounded dreams from a sleep that binds 
And, I see every corner is measured 
By time distance weight and size. 

In denial of acceptance I hurt the mind 
A choice of my own 
In acceptance of denial I care the mind 
Again a choice of my own. 
Again, the eternity is broken
I wish it will arise again 
Beckoning me with beacon of certainty 
That I am ever unbounded unchained unaffected.

©cyclopseven.All rights reserved 031113.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

A Long Walk

A long walk I take
In search of the reveler
hidden within mind and senses.

A walk of wisdom
That separate the real from trivial
Clearing the mind’s lake
For a lucid reflection of a reality
Of which each of us represent.

I am not of this body
And I am not of this mind
I am but the eternal majesty
Unshakeable witness of the entire complexities
Between the so-called birth and
The so-called death.

A silent contemplation
Into the misty mind
Reveals the reveler
Much more clearer.
And I fall deep into
the bottomless silence.
I know I am not the shadowy existence
But an energy void of all banalities.

Yet the flesh craves more of the matter
Ever edging the spirit
Of its momentary conquest.

A long walk it is
I know the walk must continue,
Though spotless by nature
This me is tainted with duality
The ups and downs
And I must continue this walk
Wading the valley full of dirt,
The truth cannot be forever concealed
A diamond always shines
Though sometimes hidden.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 031113.