Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The mystery within

Masquerading between light and shadow
life goes on in full expanse like a meadow
Where the greener grass mingles well with the yellow ones
And the stream farther ahead only by sound we know it exist.
The pleasure this mind offers to us now and then
Rejuvenate the hope that yonder still lies the light
While the pain this mind renders to us now and then
Bestows experience to live a life better than before. 
The moonlit night confers a thousand mysteries
Along with it comes the beauty as well
The eyes hardly sees the moonlit night
For glamor and glitters of worldly marvels more.
Tampering the holes to fill the hankerings
Make this life becomes a deluded war zones
Where no enemies stand in the front nor back
But only us to fight with us and we grumble of pain.
Enemy within portrays the enemies without
Set this mind in beauty of awareness
The world sets itself in wonderful ways
And colors be your life in success and in failure. 
©cyclopseven.All rights reserved 181213.