Wednesday, November 30, 2005


devoid of occupant
it lies in a corner – abandoned!
facing its own shadow
courtesy of light shining from back.

once occupied
it was pretty busy
maneuvering the immobile physiques of many
the unfortunate few
for whom it wheeled as legs a pair.

now devoid of occupant
it lies in a corner – abandoned!
facing the risk of being dismantled,
ingratitude are men!!

the cerebral palsied
as contortionist they come
in different shapes and sizes
carrying the human within
placing the waiting soul eagerly
on the wheelchair;
so they too can see the world around
by walking the wheeler around.

the diplegic
as semi paralytic they appear
drowning in their worry and sorrow
unable to walk independently, so called diplegics.
a wheelchair kindly accommodates
choice is theirs, powered or manual
mobility is the goal
that spurs the continuity of life in many.

many are those who have occupied this chair – the wheelchair
now they have gone somewhere – places unknown to many
abandoning the wheelchair which appears lifeless
in a corner
far away from the corners where humanity reaches.

careless whispers ensue
and the wheelchair speaks in silence
though lifeless it appears to be
it talks and touches
the souls of many
with silent whispers
hopeful whispers



deeper and deeper
I spread my wings with wonder

closer and closer
I am getting to see the rays eternal

day by day
I am experiencing minute joy in bliss

hours by hours
I am feeling the intensity of merging with the divine

minutes by minutes
I am passing by breathing the life divine

seconds by seconds
I am in awe at Creator’s magic

though I am awakened in GOD
I don’t realised in the fullness of spirit
that GOD embraces me eternally.

to stop experiencing
to stop wondering
to stop discriminating
to stop loving
to stop hating
to stop being different
to stop being indifferent
Oh, Spirit of the ancient MIND
when will I merge eternally into the eternity.