Sunday, October 28, 2007

Freedom III

Does not define
Caged birds’ struggle
and clapping of hand
in joy of freeing them.

Is being free
From the cage of imposing authority
Leaving the cage itself
Free of occupants
By removing the caging thoughts.

Is beyond imprisonment
Of desires.

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Freedom III

Does not define
Caged birds’ struggle
and clapping of hand
in joy of freeing them.

Is being free
From the cage of imposing authority
Leaving the cage itself
Free of occupants
By removing the caging thoughts.

Is beyond imprisonment
Of desires.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

What a world?

As I see the world
An unknown fear
Drilling its way slowly
Boring a hole within
And my existence is shaken.

Religions are fast becoming commodities
For many wicked human to invest
Their faith for popularity and power
They steal the souls of many faithful people.

Promises of heaven, I hear loud and clear
Fear of sins and hell too I hear along with
Reincarnation and karma too loudly echoes
And in the middle of each man, lies a dead soul.

Places of worship are flocking dens
For a few holy souls but more for angry souls
Talks of hatred, evil and autocracy reigns
Stronger, nowhere else but only here.

Mine is the right way, your’s is deficient
With the slogan firmly anchored
Differences in architectural designs
In the name of God and religions
Being burnt and demolished
With the same fire and feelings – heat of hatred.

The mouth that speaks of hatred and fanaticism
In the places of holy gathering says the prayers
Perfectly, as in the holy books of all religions
With their heart covered by religious bigotry.

Swords are drawn together with guns
In the name of religion and God
Man kill one another
Just to proclaim to the world, that
There is only one GOD
And his GOD is the right GOD! !

God smiles, man wiles.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

A wish

Unbutton my desires
Let them vanish into the air
Free me forever
Enough of the fever.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

The fallen bud

She was only five
Barefooted with torn dress
A plastic bottle
The size of a milk bottle
Filled with water
She held it tight and closer,
Reminder from her parents
“if no food, water will save”.

She was only five
Barely knew what is live
But the adults have taught her one thing,
Which she will never forget
That life is nothing but bloody pain
With scars as mark of war.

She was only five
Her ears, daily she lent
To listen to the rattling of guns
And popping of mortars
Which she knew not, why?
Just that the adults are fighting
A sarcastic fight of bloody kind.

She was only five
Yet she had cried and rivers flowed,
And she drowned many times
in her own tears
Almost daily in her life,
She cried while playing
She cried while eating
She cried while talking
And I am very sure, that
She even cried in her dream
Because her sobbing
I heard penetrating this soul
In my own dream till now.

Her mum taught her to hide
Behind the zinc at the back
Of her crumbled house,
So she be saved from raping gunmen
Who took turn to raid her mum
And left her bleeding to death.

The girl was only five
When one day she lost her doll
And when she came out from behind the zinc
Placed behind her crumbled house
In search of the doll,
Silence accompanied her
She spotted the gunmen
Before she could run and hide again
The vicious pit bulls rallied on her
Atrociously ignoring the tiny little suffering child
In that hunger stricken body
Each one took turn to satisfy the carnal desire.

When everything was over
The gunmen gave her a doll
Despite the pain with oozing blood
The innocent mind
remained white till the last,
Before she could grasp the doll
They fired the bullets in row
With soft groan she walked out of the body
Leaving her body naked
For flies and vultures to enjoy the feast.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Living ‘Death’

Many have died
Leaving only death alive
Kicking alive
So many more will die.

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Dark - Light

As my vision widens
My eyes shut
With my palms on my face
Between the fingers
I stared at the moon
That shows me the sunlight at night.

A delightful sunlight
at night.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 161007.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Nothing is right…

Nothing is right
If I see from my own sight
So I must learn to see
From the other side,
This may provide a better light.
My view is mine
None can I impose on thine
If I do so, please forgive this mind
In hastiness I always defend mine.

Haughtiness burn over the soul
As I wade the river of polluted brothel
Mind is made to believe the tale told
Haughtiness is the status within every fold.
Anger washes over the sin of hatred
Believing the cleansing is being bred
How can fire cold down the shining amber
When its heat itself worst than a butcher?

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Dictator’s moral

Life is all glory, without pain there is no gain
Historians and philosophers hold the reign
While the poor unsullied man wriggles only in pain
Can they make him to believe only in pain there is a gain?
While ceremony and parsimony spoken loud
Suffering souls becoming like passing clouds
Hegemony plays the role with loud applause
The authoritarian steps his feet, firm and stout.
The shine is brightly lit across the horizon
But the ways are blocked by unlawful denizens
The ruling autocracy hiding behind the look, brazen
Knowing by preserving their might, they are risen.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 151007.

A walk with my shadow….

At every turn in life, we see things which can relate to our practical lifestyles. Due to our failure to observe and think deeply, most of the times we missed out the important elements that nature is providing us in our day to day lives. Frugality in observation and thinking can render us paralyzed throughout life. Be generous in observation and thinking styles, so that these two processes may help to stimulate the production of neurons, leading to a better capacity to think, evaluate, discriminate and remember things.

Life flows generously like a stream, which then turns into a river to merge with the ocean. This is a wonderful part of nature. But, we human have become selfishly entangled in our own personal world, sometimes we become selfishly very personal, to the extent we can’t even tolerate our own mind attempting to try something new. Confined within the walls of selfishness, most of the moments in our lives, are spent in routinely guided schedules. We get up in the morning. We have breakfast. We go to work. We grumble. We backbite. We gossip. We worry. We come back from work. We have tea. We watch TV. We go for leisurely activities. We come back again. We take bath. We socialize. We watch TV. We read. We listen to songs. We have dinner. We go online. We chat. We reply e-mails. We write something. We yawn. We go to sleep. We go on dreaming. We do all these to please our own mind. Huh!!! What a routine list we have here.

In our attempt to lead a good life, quiet often, we tend to ignore the true meanings of life and happenings around us. When a tragedy occurs, we either blame all those around us or end up consoling our own self and live in an artificially accepted satisfaction. Too much of anything can become very unhealthy. Too less of everything too can become fatal. Moderation is the secret.

This life, I would say is a walk with shadow, because most of the time nature walks with us, though we walk far form our conscience. Let us together put own steps forward for a fruitful and generous march in this life. Lets take as many people as we can along with us and head towards betterment. Together.

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Dark Love

Its a dark night
and I am alone
with a beautiful love at site.

She is all around me
Yet she eludes me
So swiftly
Yet she remains around me.

I try to hug her
For a kiss on her lips,
My embrace is so tight
Yet she managed to escape,
Once again.

I love her so much
I know she loves me too
But what can I do?
When she choose to part
From me, her admirer.

Though I carry a torch
All along with me
‘coz I wish to see her beauty
At least once in flashing light,
Alas! When I switch my torch
She disappears at unmatchable speed
And I am all alone again
With torch in my hand.

Her cruelty knows no bound
She test me with many taunts
Jeers at me through the moment
Her play is now beyond the bonds.

Can I ever hug her, at least once?
Can I ever see her face with my torchlight?
Will she allow me to kiss her dark lips?


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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Watery signature

As the rain
Pours down
I see the water
Flowing swiftly
Mixing with the soil;
With color brown
A beauty of strange kind
Appears gradually
To leave the footprint
Of the flowing water
On the muddy surface.

The rain water
Leaves wondrous signatures
Along its travel
On this earth;
Reminding man
That they too
Shall leave their signatures
For humanity
To trail their path
As they piggy back
Their hope
And strength.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 141007.

Thank you Lord for this life given

The day is not far
For me to lay rest
From the tumultuous
Daily routine
And the mental chatters.

Age is catching up
With me but not
With my shadow
The loyalist
Of my choice.

I wonder when
Will this inner chattering
Will meet the end
So the knots can meet
One another in this life
To find the missing continuity.

When the end greets me
Be it in my slumber
Nor in my wakefulness
I wish to say only one thing
Loud and clear
“Thank you Lord for this life given”.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 141007.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


It’s D-day my dear friend
To honor motherhood
And signify fatherhood
This day we all celebrate
With fondest remembrance
To the power that exist
Before us, with us and
After us, eternally.

This day a special day
For a special friend
Whom I have met only twice;
In the absence of my mind
She keeps jogging my memory
To tell that she still exist
To hand me the warmth
Of her wonderful friendship,
And I am proud to proclaim
Mary is my wonder-full friend.

May on this birthday
Your mum and dad and you and the rest
Rejoice together in Christ
Make it a reunion
More that just cutting a cake
and candle blowing;
The pieces with icing top
Let it first and foremost
fill the unfortunate souls
So your heart my be full
And happy,
On this special day.

Happy birthday my dear friend

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Actors? Are we?

Leaving the Hollywood, Bollywood and Mollywood, my eyes took me deeper and deeper to another scene, where the greatest drama is being enacted at every nanosecond that passes by. The circle of my consciousness is widening like the ripples that swallow the pebbles thrown. Layers of conscious thoughts began to peel one by one, transforming the inner view into a soothing eternal play. Yes, the drama of life. In life and in death, every actor blooms to become something. The whole of universe is a greatest drama that one can envisage beyond the ephemeral glitters of the tantalizing and infectious cinema world made of many ‘woods’.

We are all great actors, yet unknowingly our acts deceive us into believing that this life is everything worth suffering for. Each time the mouth widens to allow a little smile, the heart expands in joy. While each time the mind shrinks unto depressive mood, the heart cries in pain. We evolved to become greatest actors on this stage of life. No creation is better than us in acting. But sad to say, we have forgotten that we are natural actors, born to occupy this stage called earth to produce a marvelous play of love and care. Instead, we all are busy acting within this act entrusted upon us, with our own scripts in our mind.

We have become strangers to ourselves. Why? Saints and philosophers have always been trying to resolve this conflict and serve the answer for us. Living in different cultural setup and at different climes, mankind have failed to let the wise words seep through their mind, rather they allow the gross differences to capture the mind. Thus, religious bigotry and crime against humanity are widening. Humanity is becoming a mere vanity, full of insanity. When can we realize that each one here is an actor, playing a little part here and there to place this enigmatic puzzle together, in the name of love?

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The fragrance beyond the nose

Where the wind blows
There goes the fragrance of the rose
Together with the wind
The fragrance becomes one.
The trees that swiftly caresses the wind
Together they hug the fragrance of the rose,
As they smell the rose’s breathe
They wish the fragrance remain with them to death.

Far and yonder beyond the hills that mounting high
The fragrance travel intertwined with the wind
Touching the tips of every plants along the way
While gently, brushing the animals across the plains.
Days that pass by leave the moments of joyous feelings
Remarkably soothing is the waft of this fragrance
Forever shall remain enshrined within the mine of my mind
To be welcomed with garlands colorful adorning the fragrance
because the fragrance that spread across the world is the friendship
that stitches the souls to become one in togetherness.

(Specially dedicated for my wonderful and colorful friend, Mary Das of Johor Baru, Malaysia.)

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 021007.