Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Goodbye my friend...we will meet someday

(To my blogger friend, Eric Valentine, who passed away on 19 March 2012)

Knowing is not necessarily meeting
Meeting is not necessarily talking
Talking is not necessarily with words
Words are not necessarily be spoken.
This mind, a wondrous enigma
Playing a game so subtle and powerful
Merges swiftly with things of joy
Rejecting that which is painful.

A friend unknown yet well known
Through his writing so touching
And the best that I liked most
Is the one he wrote on ‘Life’s Carousel’.
Though geographically distanced
And we have never spoken nor met
There is in me all the while a great respect
I held for this man, b’coz despite the pain he wrote well.

Down deep I feel he is a wonderful soul ever-lived
Now he is gone, I am longing to see more of him
Alas!! This journey in time, warrants an end
Of everything that sprout and spread around.
It may be a divine play and a past time my Lord
But, we mortals hardly prepared to face this separation
The law is made and all is done
Oh Lord!! Please take care this friend of mine.

One day will definitely come
When I too shall shed this mortal coil
And, my friend if the divine will permits
We will meet in the misty eternity.
Nothing ends though the body is gone
Words written, thoughts enshrined
Shall follow me closer than my shadow
And at every turn I will always remember you.

I pray that in the heavenly garden you find the solace
With good care and love eternal embracing you all the time
This eternal journey has no stop
I believe every end is just another beginning.

Take care my friend. God Bless you.
©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 210312