Monday, November 29, 2010

Momentaneous glory

The weather is cold
Night breeze embraces me tightly
The memory swirling high
Bringing back the moment’s glory
Of beauty and wonderful dreams
And I snuggle into the comfort
Of pleasing surrealism.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mire of delusion

The touch of pain began to gnaw deep
Restlessness outgrows everything
Why the vain rein repeatedly?
Scarring the gory wounds of the past
The revolt-drilling non-stop
Beyond reaches of moon and sun.
Trickling down in crystalline transparency
The blood of emotion rushes
And, evaporates unto the pain again and again.
Ages have seemingly passed through me
As centuries of weighty experiences loading
Polarizing emotion rests long within me.
Resenting me, the mind plays the game wildly
In relentless pursuit of happiness wailed of
But, in shadowy exclusion this path takes me to.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rickety stillness

My breathes
Jiggles to the smell
Of the scented rose
That lay bare the scent.
A moment of twist
A brief stillness I steal.
Beyond rational
The wind sweeps cool
All over spreading the gentle cold
A brief stillness in time
I steal again.

A relief
A sigh
The contemporaneity somnambulism
Life smiles, and I chuckle,
My walk continues
Searching a right path to tread.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 271110.

Eternal Slumber

 (Today brought back strong memory of a wonderful lady in my life, so I decided to re-post this poem once again)

It is hard to accept the reality
The reality confined within the realm of senses,
But beyond the realm of senses, my venture revealed
That you are still there as you always have been.
The care and the love sprinkled over six decades
I shall cherish every second till my breath last
And one day I know within the recess of my conscience
I shall dive again unto the eternity that brought me here,
And we shall meet again in the eternal slumber.
Everything born
Definitely will be gone, one day.
Time is the difference
That makes the length of survival
The reality arises swiftly
Around us daily.
Yet how many cares to know
That everything born
Definitely will be gone one day?
I learn to accept that the waves that disappear
Goes nowhere but unto the great wide ocean
Likewise in this journey of life and beauty
Everyone has to leave tracking their own footsteps
Until then their breath continues the search
When the fulfillment is reached, nothing else can hinder.
The path you walked and the door that you entered
Now seems barren and closed to my heart,
As I ponder will I see again the same you in the same form
I let my tears profusely touch my conscience to bath you.
Your presence led me to where I am now
I wish you will still lead me further in this growth
And guard me against the puny desires of the world.
Words are inadequate to describe you
Yet I am trying my best to tell you that
Despite all the good things that we have shared
Despite all the differences that we have had are the one and only for now and ever.
As you lay there in eternal slumber
I pray to the mighty guardian of the universe
That unto peace and great love He place you well
And reveal to me again when the time come.
Painstakingly I am trying to accept the truth
Alas! Human I am…what can I do Amma
To forget is not the right word
Nor to erase the memory is a thing desired.
All I want now Amma, just let me know every now and then
That everything there is better than here
Reveal me please, where you are now.
We will meet again in eternal slumber,
Take care Amma.
[This is a re-post. Dedicated to a wonderful lady in my life, my mother Madam Manonmani Muthiah who shed her mortal coil on 22 February 2009. May she rest in uninterrupted peace.]

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Between the thoughts I pine for fulfillment
Weeping the energy away hurrying without necessity
Like lightning, flashes of memory come and go
The moment stood at last a brief while
A stop that was once, painted again in my mind.
These sentiments hidden somewhere
Filling the melodies of life
Only to suddenly rise to remind
The moment gone will never take birth again.

The moment passes by witnessing the sitting me
Bidding goodbye in the seconds as aging marches on
But, I am hooked by my past, oblivious to my presence
I let those memories to grow and die within me.
Like a circle, knows not where the ending is
My thoughts dances non-stop
At times soothingly, at times violently
But, time cares a little about me as I slip through it.

Past, a never return passer by
Never turn to see as it passes by.

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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Abysmal moment

The abysmal moment
Frozen at my awakening
Lasted not more than seconds
But honeyed experience lingers still.
That moment
Timeless stillness stilled
I cherish most
Like the moisturizing morning dew
That gloriously crowns the green grass.
I wish it lasted abysmally
The moment that stole my existence,

I wish it lasted abysmally
The moment meditation mediates.

cyclopseven©All rights reserved 051110.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Withering blues

Wither goes the heart.
Today it is a mess
The mind wallows in solemn somnolence
Hankering heart twisted hard.
This moment has begun silently
I tried to retreat but the waves are a strong pull
With shallow guts I am treading today
It is hard, I know it is hard
I know that forever it shall never remain so.
The heart is missing everything
Anticipation in gloomy weather withers away
The hope I realize is waning somewhere
The mind I try to anchor deeply everywhere.
For wants of something priceless
Minding the pain over pleasure
I mind not to jump or step over
Across the turbulence
That washes away the sand castle in seconds.

Tangling thoughts of memories
Playing hide and seek with gaily dances
Hiding behind my conscience, each I observe intact
A smile dropped from my lips
To catch it I tried, but it vanishes as fast it dropped
Tangling thoughts of memories
Keep playing hide and seek with gaily dances.
Today is just another day
But, why it has to be without a heart to play
Everyone minding his or her own way
Is this the rant, a dance of the Great One’s sway?

Clumsily holding a book in one hand
A cup of coffee in another
I walk the path dictated by mind
Wither goes the heart
Today is a mess.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 031110.