Sunday, July 27, 2008

Silent request II

Like a river
Thy grace eternally flows
sweeping across the mountains and valleys
consoling the dejected many
and guiding the faithful few.

The trees breathe Thy love
And the mountains portrays Thy strength
Birds and beasts follow Thy law
The earth the sun and the moon
Obediently pursues Thy course
But me, the man, touched Thy not.

I wonder why it is so
Only Thy will can free me about
To roam in Thy court of love
Without least fearing
The animals of desire and temptation.

Allow me my Lord
This coveted wish
Long ago expressed by sages of yore
So, I too would merge in You
To eternally remain in You.

My Lord, I know
Your love is supreme
Pure and unconditional.

Life’s path takes me to stroll
Along the various gardens
But, that which whispers Your fragrance
I wish to be there, more and more.

Shower on me Thy generous grace
And Lord, please lift me out
of this maddening race.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dark, yet bright

For many who sees
Darkness, tells a story of hell

Darkness is heaven
For those who cannot see.

For the blinds
They see light in the darkness

The darkest veil
Yield them no fear
But for many
Even in the light
Darkness veil the mind
with fear.

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Chrysalis to moth
The growth takes a walk

Moth to butterfly
The growth begins to fly

Butterfly to death
The growth withers

Death to immortality
It is freed.

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We are what we beheld
and emotion comes
To speak of the mind
And mind is time.

Emotion a potent response
We choose to react
Either softly or vehemently
To everything that happens around.

We design our own thoughts
Within the layers of mind
And apply them to our face and gesture
So visually we can talk to the world
Of what we are in the present.

Emotion crosses boundary
Killing many thoughts
And, health too
Yet emotionally
We are entangled.

A cobweb of many feelings
Emotion asserts powerfully in us
When selfishness conquers
The sanctity of existence.

Every little thing
Matters a lot for emotion
Without which emotion will be dead
Dead within the mind
That kills not the time.

Emotion, an expression
lovely, and deadly.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 200808

Friday, July 18, 2008

To my friends

When the morning sun
In slumber greets me solemnly
Penetrating the hazy gaze of my life
I am still dreaming of a life of my choice.

My friends have changed
From new to old in age and look
Some new ones are like the buds
Waiting to flower beautiful flowers.

The garden is wet from yesterday’s rain
But the flowers of friendship renders beautiful vision
This captures my conflicting mind
In utter silence, I retreat from nostalgia.

Years are running fast
Leaving the wall clock in my room
Suffocating for time, to tick
Such is the speed of time.

The dangling hope swings swiftly
To the anticipation of an unknown feeling
Swirling within the space of my mind
Of a life void of pain and desperation.

I am fighting a fight, a fragile one
I know it well, soon it may break
Yet I am still strong because
My friends, the beacons of support
Circles me forever, as pillars of hope.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Memories II

The windy day
Brings about nonchalant feelings
Scooping the memories
Buried long long ago.

Where do memories live
Once trounced by time
I keep wondering
Since the day, I left behind.

Mysteries remain
As usual in my mind
For memories do not die
They keep us living, and dying.

Dangling the baits of attachment
Memories come and go
In pain and in pleasure
Leaving me swaying alone.

Memories of heyday
May be the best of all days
Yet every memory holds a special place
In that place, where I cherish my life dearly.

Be it sad, be it happy
Memories surely brings about tears of joy and sadness
Tears that count the saddest part
Tears that count the joyous part
In the life that once I breathed in the past.

My prayer is one
Let it be the best of memories
Garnered with beautiful relationship
To accompany me eternally.

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Friday, July 04, 2008

‘Kampung’ Girl

Crossing the country side, she walks gaily
With a basket dangling in her hand,
She is joyous to the fullest energy.
As her gentle feet touches the narrow path
That divides the expanse of the paddy field
The sun’s vicious heat, cools down in her presence.
So powerful her gracious gait when she moves,
Her exuberance opens Mother Nature’s eyes
So much of vibrant smell, she begins to exude.
She is a kampung girl so demure
Under the noon’s heat, she brings pack of lunch,
For her father who toils the paddy field from morning
Now resting himself under the shade of the banana trees.

Whenever her sarong rubs against them gently
The grass waves goodbye in blissful mood,
And the birds chirp in unknown melodious tunes
Admiring the grace on the move, flying with the wind.
She, a kampung girl, with sweet and lovable gentleness
The sky smiles, and the clouds smitten with her beauty,
Oh! She carries sweetness eternally
everywhere she goes to

And she is just an illiterate kampung girl,
a simple beauty.

*Kampung – Village in Malay Language

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 030708.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

The slum of death and dying

In the eyes of the negated ones
Dwelling the slum
Every alley they thread
Carries gun to their heads
Waiting only to explode
Splashing their brain around.

The call for survival
Brings about the revival
Of notoriety in man to full light
His life is his and for his people
To death, he will protect it
And he brandishes the revolver
A symbol of power and strength.

Ramshackle houses, spilling the crowd
On the alleys, human finds the mat
To engross in a moment of sleep
The sleep deprived during day’s noise.
But, hell! The sleep never comes.
As they stare at the night skies
Dotted with the stars of hope
Machete and revolvers side by side
They held tight in fear,
Who knows?
That night could the last night.

Life is a rudimentary routine
To work and to earn and to feed
The rest are but secondary, less relevant.

Ostentatiously they ignore the other needs
From the eyes of their women and children
But, at night they sneak out for the entertainment
They are gregarious people, who mingle without borders
Yet beneath their mind, the fear lurks
As they step in the alley of darkness,
Any moment, the sound of a gun can pierce the silence
And a brother may go down kissing the earth
So much is the fear of the man in this slum
The slum of death and dying.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 030708.

Fragile Relationship

The shadow is leaving me
Creeping unto the darkness
In the twilight, I am standing alone
Wishing the sun shines forever.
Gone, everything is gone
A cherished relationship is but a dream
Power of failed words
The cause of every downfall.

My dear leave me aside
I need some time to build up
The pieces strewn unto pieces
Before it prick the hearts of many.
Life is a journey, so fragile
A little agitation rocks it wild
Life is full of trepidations
If you don’t tread it wisely.

Everything is an illusion
Performed by the greatest magician
In microseconds, life revolves non-stop
An abrupt stop is always a disastrous stop.
I realized not to meddle in any
The secrets of life may be puny
Today I learned it the hard way
I was wrong and I feel I am gone.

What went wrong was at lightning speed
A sheer waste in name of care and concern,
It’s not easy and never going to be easy
For words pierce the soul and not the body.

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