Sunday, July 24, 2011

The world within a circle

Within the circle of experience
Life revolves for many of us
Revolting against the world beyond
We close the door to our hearts.
Senses five, with experience manifold
Caging us in deliberate ignorance
Wanting not more of our being
We become prisoners of our own selves.
Across the circle, a world vast lies
Beyond the reach of our eyes
We all know that very well
Yet, within our ignorance we dwell.
Lugubriously we walk with cheerful mask
Cheating the world and ourselves too
For us this world within the circle
Is itself too much to bear and bask.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 240711.


  1. By letting ourselves be...and others be -- do you think one is cheating oneself or another?

    the external world and its 6.7 billion are too much to bear and bask sometimes -- relax, we are not the centre of the world to do that :)


  2. okay, that sometimes they don't let yourself/others the place we revolt, and that revolt ought to be -- and so much important to ignore the irrelevant,

    btw, good poem Cyclops :)