Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Master, His Silence

Our eyes met for the first time
Your benevolent gaze
And my anticipatory look
Sealed the silence in perfect harmony.
I asked a lot of things
Yet you said nothing at all
I beseech your forgiveness
Yet you said nothing at all.
The hoary silence that carries you around
Is too mystical for me to experience,
As Your steps kiss the soil gracefully
There too I heard nothing but only silence.

Down deep within me
I know that you are aware of me
But, why this silence of the dead
When I try to reach out to you?
Have I indulged in too much worldliness,
That blocks me the right to be with you?
Aren’t you suppose to guide me through
With love and consoling words?
I don’t know who you are in that body of yours
The experience I have had some time ago
Kills my conscience daily with arguments
About who and what you are actually.
The parables of motion, and words of silence
I play not that game my master
I am too little for this game of yours
And the rules seem too harsh for me to follow.

I know you are love personified
Just like many masters who had come and gone
Just like many masters who may come in the future
I know like an open book you let yourself move.
But, I am too little to know that words of your message
Day and night I crave for your presence in my conscience,
Alas!! You are too illusive beyond my mind’s grasp
And, I keep hoping for that illusory veil is removed soon.
Too little knowledge is too dangerous to make a life
I know you said that many times before and now as well,
But, that is all I could afford to offer, for that’s the size of my coffer.
Take it to your heart’s content, allow me a little contentment
Please stop this hide and seek game, I am lost many a times
And, again and again I don’t want to be the loser.

My master, I know my faith is tested by your silence
Like the dried leaf I am allowing myself to drop
Blown by the wind till it reaches merciless end
I know my faith is tested, give me your hand my dear master
Only once, and let me sleep in your bosom
And walk the eternity in your dream
Allow me to be certain of your uncertainty
Fully imbibing your nonchalant attitude.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 250711.


  1. I have found that when my master, my teacher has gone silent it is because I have become enlightened to the point where we can talk about sports and game scores, favorite recipes and the mundane. Imagine to always have to be mystical with them you have taught all of their lives.

  2. Well written dear friend! so deep in search.. :)

  3. Very powerful and understandable
    Great writing

  4. Very powerful and understandable
    Great writing