Monday, July 18, 2011

If my dead is your light

 If my dead is your light
Take it freely as I won’t fight,
Cherish it with golden memories
That comes along till your last breath.
I succumbed many times in this journey
Despite the injuries and shattered emotion
The Lord wills that I am back on my feet
To continue this life again and again.

Again I say, if my dead is your light
Take it freely as I won’t fight.
For many passages I have trodden in this life.
And, each is but another facet of the same.
The hoariness of a distant memory
Echoes the mystical chorus from somewhere
I know there is a place hidden in time
Spared for me by the Lord compassionate.

This deadened feeling tells a funny story
Though I care less to tell the world,
Within the grooves of my memory
I do keep it stored as fresh as ever.
If my dead is your light
Take it freely as I won’t fight,
For I know there will be a day
As the light you may come again to see me.

If my dead is your light
Take it freely as I won’t fight.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 18072011.


  1. haven't we all died for another and yet live through - i am more happy for anyone being alive and lively...than being dead! i don't even understand how the dead can shed light!

    sorry to say, but a depressing poem, Cyclops


  2. Sad, but a well crafted poem, Cyclops

  3. No one can take what you do not give and in giving you are light. Ergo let them have your life or bits and pieces of it for it is no loss when you give it them it is a gift.

  4. its a sad poem...
    you know one thing when sad thoughts come to our mind they should be driven off. And as i too am involved in the same sport in some or the other way as we share interests, i must tell you tat i am into a habit of writing happy things when i am most sad. Doing this we can touch life in its liveliness. And in reliving painful experiences and in thinking of pain we harm ourselves. We should choose to be happy at any cost...
    sorry if i am being personal but i could not resist that...

  5. First time here and like it... Unlike the above comments, I say it is a beautiful poem... Yes, i agree that when one is sad, we need to try to be happy, but then, only when there is an rush of emotions, is such a well crafted poem born.
    Of course we must not ponder over the same

  6. @Devika : Appreciate your comment(s)

    @Sage : Thank you:)

    @The Walking Man : Your wisdom is timeless. Thank you.

    @Latika : You are right head to toe:). The choice is in our hand. Thank you.

    @Sum : Welcome to my blog. Yes, we must not ponder over the same..well said. Thank you for your comment