Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another day, a different day

it is just another day but a different day
filled with memories eternally enshrined
the care the love the look the unconditionality
that lived for decades is now gone.
the twirl of thoughts, beyond help takes me to
I try to evade, yet the shadows of thought follow me still
impossible indeed the memories cherished
to simply vanish without leaving trails in the air.
it is just another day but a different day.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 23022011


  1. Not a good one to read, as I wind up the day, Cyclops....Hope tomorrow is yet another day and a good one....i don't know why we choose to live in the world of memories...i find myself there too; but shake myself soon to the present, which i can't say is good or it life :)


  2. Today is the only day I have to make a memory with which to travel with. It is the same for all. May we make memories that nurture the bereaved and succor the poorer than ourselves. In that we find our strength.

  3. 'the care the love the look the unconditionality
    that lived for decades is now gone'

    Yes, true but the memories are always cherished.

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leading back to yours. I have been reading and viewing several of your postings and you are certainly one with nature. Your words your poetry very thought provoking.Memories certainly leave trails..I am one that makes new trails however those thoughts of what was at times is a comfort.
    Trail blazing in the Arizona desert
    I shall visit again.namaste

  5. the memories dont leave us, shouldnt leave us, but the mourning does.
    One day, another day, it all feels good again

  6. Memories ever last but they aren't quite available every time. Its another day with different hues alike the sky.

  7. @Devika.....memories are based of experience, this we choose to live in that world:). Thank you.

    @WM...You are right..but not all are capable of doing that - all the time. Thank you from dropping by.

    @Venus..some are worthy one..yet the unworthy ones too usurp the mind. Thank you Venus.

    @Nature Girl...Thank you for your visit and those encouraging words.

    @M...yes the memories shouldn't leave us..some good ones we must fight hard to cherish forever. Thank you.

    @Jeevan..yes memories are everlasting..Thank you.

  8. another day
    a different day
    the only day we have

  9. I agree every new day is just another day. In that we have no option but to live by the order of nature, that one day - the present.