Monday, February 28, 2011

The Journey

Picture courtesy of payaniga
Due credit goes to him for this beautiful picture 
and I thank him  for the permission granted to use this picture.


  1. "..takes me close/closer to my heart/for I live there..." beautiful lines Cyclopseven. Would that more had your self-awareness.

  2. Short but wonderful piece!!

    "Closer to my heart/for I live there/Where my heart lives" - you have put them beautifully which I couldn't express in words...

  3. The poem builds to the stunning beauty of those last two lingering lines! Wonderful!

  4. The beauty of the mist is it keeps the dust of the past down that you may feel your way to your heart without choking.

  5. Beautiful… touched by those lines and the hidden truth.

  6. Thanks for internet and the oppertunity to see beauty. The last lines of your poem are so beautiful

  7. @Janice - Thank you very much.

    @Prashanth M - Welcome to my blog and thank you very much for the picture.

    @Venus66 - Thank you buddy. The profundity of life manifests itself in many ways..this is but one:).

    @Greyscale Territory - Thank you.

    @Walking Man - That's wonderful. Thank you.

    @Jean Mac - Honored to have you here, the beacon of perseverance.

    @Jeevan - Thank you Jeevan.

    @Marja - Thank you for sparing some time to visit me. Keep up the fight. God bless.