Tuesday, January 11, 2011


That which buys the soul
By killing the conscience
To make right appears unrighteous
To make wrong appears righteous
Beyond the laws that govern man and nature
That which buys the dirt and covers it with gold
That which buys the gold and covers it with dirt
Without least concern about the world around
Nor about the laws to abide
That which unbuttons the shirt in the secret corners
And unzip the pants to quench the thirst
A little trifle worthless desires to gather amass
To make the false appears truly true
And to cover the fire with newspapers
And that which burns water with greediness
And that which fans breeze into typhoon
And that which cools typhoon into breeze
Lies still in the pocket of humankind.
To escape the heat of law
To fight the justice with injustice
Corruption goes all the way
To get all the knots undone
In trickily unknown ways.
Corruption goes deeper
Unto places of worship too
Fighting for power and status,
God too they bribe,

And, God says shhhhh
Don’t tell anyone!!!!

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved110111.


  1. Been keeping an eye on the American political scene I see. You pretty much pegged it tight.

  2. You are driving the nail right thru M. The menace is everywhere.

  3. I read it in context with the previous poem...Beauty of natural world vs. corrupt systems we have to support -- yes every country has its story...and the problem is left or right (wing), it's all the same when it comes to the centre of power,

    sad part is that some good are labelled corrupt....though hard to identify who is who and what is what,


  4. forgot to say...both penned well, but as for me, i liked the previous Cyclops :)

    as Byron says:

    "There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
    There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
    There is society, where none intrudes,
    By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
    I love not man the less, but Nature more."


  5. @Thank you Venus

    @Walking man : It is the same everywhere:). When human cease becoming human, but in divine they harness their life, then this thing called corruption shall cease to be.

    @Yuthika : Thanks

    @Devika : my favorite of Byron's is:

    truth is always strange; stranger than fiction

  6. Yes, Cyclops....and not all wants to listen to that, :)


  7. To fight the justice with injustice...
    Corruption goes deeper Unto places of worship too Fighting for power and status,God too they bribe,
    And, God says shhhhh Don’t tell anyone!!!!

    These lines just shoot from the screen, i relate with corruption even in my church....
    i like how you look at corruption from all angles.

  8. @Gracefulglider : Thank you. This is a pathetic scenario in the present world. It is so contagious:)

  9. Excellently written and to the point It is sad that the monster of corruption is so strong

  10. Thank you Marja. And, welcome back to blogging.

  11. With humans, there comes power and corruption. Seems like the more power and prestige a person has, the more corrupt he/she becomes.. Kinda sad, don't you think?