Tuesday, January 18, 2011


“Yest night I was just infront of ur house at 9pm.
Thot of calling u but thot again u might be on skype
So didn’t wanna disturb. gud day”

Smses are wonders of technology
Short thoughts passed on
From one hand phone to another hand phone
And the shorter it comes
The better it is.

Some short messages
A little longer than usual
Yet the smses carry volumes
And some stay longer in our heart.
Some sent with charm
Some intends to harm
Yet each carries a message
Perhaps easier conveyed
Thru smses, rather than spoken words.
©cyclopseven. All right reserved 18012011


  1. And that my friend is why i have a cell phone that makes and receives voice transmissions only.

  2. Thank you WM...Are you are a good listener?:).

  3. :) am guilty, but am a bad texter .... my attention span spins outta control if i do not immediately respond.

  4. Nice verses about smses. I save sms those sent rarely by someone dears.