Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The morning dewdrops
Poetically descends
Inspiring the withered soul
From the depressive slumber.
Scattering across the meadow and
On the leaves above the head
I see shining dots of rainbow colors
Like diamond studded crowns
Glittering from the tip of each grass
And the surface of the leaves.
In colorful reflection filling the heart with joy
Life bubbles as the dewdrops smiles to the sun
Transient indeed this colorful projection
The dewdrops dry up soon as the sun hits the peak,

But, the splendor is etched deeply in my heart.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 110111.


  1. It is good to love and always remember the morn's dawn.

  2. A different approach. That's wonderful M.

  3. i love your attention to detail while at the same time using abstract things like joy to encompass your whole poem.


  4. wow! it was a very beautiful poem on dewdrops. the morning dews make certain refresh to mind.