Sunday, December 12, 2010

She my soul

Today the breeze whispers cold
Missing the beauty immersed divinely
The exquisite touch of the gentle steps
The earth misses that so much.
The twinkling diamond unparalleled indeed
Compared to the sparkling eyes enshrined there
The smiling lips I wish it keep moving
Uttering consolation in silent expression.
The iridescent silky hair let it fly rhythmically
Patting the breeze which whispers cold
She kills me with her silent look
In that smile, I see the whole universe
The energy that warms my heart
Heals the sorrow of that my mind wallows.
I am happy one moment
I am dejected another moment
I wonder why.
But, I don’t want to know the answer
Her presence is I want to be there
Throughout my life
To cry with my tears
To laugh with my laughter.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 121210


  1. Beautiful poem as always.
    Thank you for sharing.:)

  2. The smiling lips I wish it keep moving, uttering consolation in silent expression - that is nice.