Sunday, December 12, 2010

My friend I wish to speak to you…..

I am eager to speak to my friend
Who has been with me
From the first breath I inhaled
And up till now I know
my friend is still around watching me.

Yet this illusive traveler in time
Always play with my elusive mind,
That a vision of him I hardly see
Not even in my deadly slumber.

My friend before I depart for good
Let me at least meet you once,
I wish to have a good chat with you
So I may prepare myself for you
Prior to your arrival.

You are honest and precision is your ultimate
I know you value time the most
And appointment made is always met
Irrespective of place and time, race and religion.

Let me speak to you once my friend
So that, gladly I may depart with you,
I know from birth I am chained to you
And a meeting with you may break the chain for good.

Oh my friend, the unwelcome predator of nature
When can I immerse in your beauty and wonder?
Allow me a little gap to a still moment
To brush shoulder with you
Before you decide whether I am fit or not
To be added unto your long list of appointments.

My friend Death, you are not a fiend to be feared
Let in the stillness of my thoughts we meet and talk
And grace me to relinquish that fear which kills me alive
Before I end up in you, one fine day.

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©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 121210.


  1. That is one meeting I do not wish to rush. Perhaps because i have come close to seeing the face of mortality, I fear it. I should not be feared yet I do fear

  2. huh, I dread this very much. I don't understand why you love this subject very much. Why thinking of an end, when there are so much of happiness in life?

  3. It will happen when it has to happen,my friend.

  4. I like the plea for a pre meeting before the final meet up. This is good and not a bad idea you have expressed here.

  5. Your write up interest anyone to approach, but not in real! well conveyed the rare desire.