Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A shadow in my heart

Her sweet demeanor
Enchanting smile
Through the gate of my heart
Gain entrance to my soul.

The flowing compassion
Blended with caring gentleness
Captivates the captor with loving glance
And, finds the way into my soul.

The silken strands of hair loosely swaying
Shines brightly in the glow of the neon
And she blends her demure looks
With dazzling splendor of her beauty.

A fantasy everything appears to me
Rendering the gleams of crepuscular charm
The reality that she belongs to keep whispering within me
What if she is just a dream?

The eyes equal that of the almonds
And lips equals that of the cherries
I have seen more than once
Yet I crave to see again and again,

In bliss though I am
The distance still matters,
and it pains again.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 081210


  1. A well described poem. Words are carefully chosen and beautifully woven.

  2. Sweet one, but why it ends with pain? You still strange.

  3. Man u splendid... and depicted an awesome poem…

  4. What a sweet sweet poem - even though an underlying touch of sadness the love shines bright and pure.

  5. A beautiful yearning sustained throughout the poem!

  6. here it is again! sadness laced with romantic love. Missing someone