Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Waves of emotion

Chiaroscuro of twilight ends
As night embraces the day
Bleak- everything seems to be
Not just the night but feelings too.
My nonchalant gaze i throw out of the window
Penetrating the bosom of the creation,
The marvel that has given insightful fountains
Inspiring poets and artists, deadens within me.

Tears wells up unknowingly
Until the first drop touches my hand,
I recalled the last teardrop a day before
That fell on almost the same spot.
Tearing asunder the emotion that agitates
I tried with all my might at greatest height,
But, in abstract intangibility emotion evaporates
I am forlorn gasping for a release,

For another day.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 071210


  1. Can we run from the reality of life? Happiness and sorrow are inter-related. Without one, the other doesn't exist. Nice poem.

  2. I remember those nights when I simply wanted to get through the night.
    That sadness...I know that sadness so well. You are reminding me of it

  3. Nice poem.But Happiness n sadness are lik two sides of coin.We need to taste both in order to enjoy life..

  4. Something touching through the lines! wonderful