Monday, November 29, 2010

Momentaneous glory

The weather is cold
Night breeze embraces me tightly
The memory swirling high
Bringing back the moment’s glory
Of beauty and wonderful dreams
And I snuggle into the comfort
Of pleasing surrealism.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 281110.


  1. there is never a moment that lasts for only a single beat of the heart. Well said Nityajeevi.

  2. This is nice. I didn't know that you have started blogging. Your poems are wonderful to read though many carry sad tones. Your play with words are excellent. I still like your 'A day with the shadow' written some 20 years ago??. That was a fine piece man!!
    It has been 15 years since I last saw you. And, you know what, I am proud to say that I know you better than you know yourself. The moody man, the cheerful man. The thinker, the stranger.

    But, I admit I don't understand one thing about you, the mysterious person that you are. Your solitary world. I hope you are not like that anymore. You need to share M. Many people see you from the surface only. I don't have your mail id, so I am writing here.

  3. @Yuthika : Welcome to my blog. I am not very sure about who are you. Since, I have never publish the poem, not even once, only people close to me knows about it, so I assume that you are someone I know. Thank you for stopping by.