Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mire of delusion

The touch of pain began to gnaw deep
Restlessness outgrows everything
Why the vain rein repeatedly?
Scarring the gory wounds of the past
The revolt-drilling non-stop
Beyond reaches of moon and sun.
Trickling down in crystalline transparency
The blood of emotion rushes
And, evaporates unto the pain again and again.
Ages have seemingly passed through me
As centuries of weighty experiences loading
Polarizing emotion rests long within me.
Resenting me, the mind plays the game wildly
In relentless pursuit of happiness wailed of
But, in shadowy exclusion this path takes me to.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 271110.


  1. reminds me of the ache of a break up, that pain, that incessant pain.

  2. When your time to let go comes, let me know then we can be free together.

  3. Finally I got you cyclopseven. You are illusive, aren't you? Guess who am I?

  4. This poem is filled with pain. Still hurts, right? I wish I can do my bit to help you. One day I will. I know I will be there for you.