Monday, May 17, 2010

Old Town – Pengkalan Hulu

Poignant memories
Of a life painted on the walls
Of an old small town,
Like waves assailing me non-stop
From all corners of my memories.
Pleasant ones stay with smile
The unpleasant ones float with tears
Blown by winds of past
The rustic charm of both worlds
Together build a hut in my heart.
The days swallowed by time
Irreversible indeed by no means,
The plausible beauty of mind
Brings back the olden touch
With the scent of the land.
Memories like pages of book
I flipped one by one
And stop longer on this one
To refresh my heart and mind
The images of this old town.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 160510.



  1. Memories are to be treasured.

    I like the new header.

  2. Am having a similar experience now that I'm back in the countryside of my youth.