Sunday, May 16, 2010

Disability: Cerebral palsy

The person inside
Raring to go,
Though bonded
For reasons inexplicable.
Beyond the contorted frames
Beneath those twitching faces
The person always there
Raring to achieve the goals.
Alas! so called the society
We all remain weaklings
Our patience tested a thousand times
Yet they teach us they are the best.
They type not 20 words per minute
But, one letter in a minute,
The zest is within, the goal is yonder
And their presence makes the now much better.
Almost daily, we ponder upon many things
Forgetting the wonder amidst us
Ever there to move with us to explore the world
Hardly have we cared to wait and in haste, we leave them alone.
Pain they show not like us
Though frustrated and agitated
In a world full of madness
Where speed and time matters most.
Struggling their way through ours
They try hard to win their days,
With things adapted to their needs
The skills begin to find the way.
Externally everything seems different
But the inner war remains the same as ours,
They are not different by standard of creation
Differently they become because of our ignorance.
They are here to be with us, part of all of us
To teach us the truest sense of appreciation
And, they leave the trail for acceptance
To show us the way towards light, lightly.
Greatest among many
They are souls trapped in extreme limitations
Waiting to rise, if only we care to respect their rights
As enshrined in the nature’s law of dignified equality.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 160510.

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