Monday, May 03, 2010

Heart that pines

I passed by her
She smiled at me
Her shadow was long
Lying towards west
She was waiting for someone.

I returned the same way
She was still there
This time her shadow was long too, but,
Lying towards east
She was waiting for someone.

I asked her
“Whom are you waiting for?”
She answered
“My son”.

For a while, stillness permeated the space.

She started again
“People say my son had died in the war.
I don’t believe any of them”.

I composed myself, and asked her again
“How do they know your son is dead?’

She started again
“They say the military said so”.

I composed myself and made a statement
“Perhaps they are right.
The military should know better”

She stared at me, and said loudly,
“How can he who fought for this land die?
His mortality is man made. As a mother
I know well, my son is still alive”

I saw teardrops rolled down her cheeks
“Let the moon come and laugh at me.
Tomorrow the sun will surely come
And my son will also come.”

“I will still wait.
I know in death my son does not succumb.
He is just having a nap after a long war”

“ I know my son will come,
And that day
my shadow won’t cast itself on this earth.
Together with him
I shall eternally be tombed”

“I am proud to say
He is my son, my only son.

And, in between the sobs she struggled to speak
“So much his love for this earth
That this earth part from him not”

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 030410.

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