Thursday, May 06, 2010

HE speaks eternally

God speaks in many ways
His means and manners
Mysterious they are, too many
Yet He speaks non-stop.
The mean to grasp and decipher
He placed in man, in his brain
Suturing the mind with spirit
Every attempt made by Him to speak to us.

His languages are many
Too many to mention nor to comprehend
Beyond the incomprehensible, He lies still
Yet He chooses to communicate His will to man.
From the ocean depth and wild rivers
Through the waves and the ripples from rivers
The living creatures therein
He speaks to us in many colors and shapes.

Rising high on earth
The mountains and hills stagnant
He majestically sanctions His language
And, proclaims the grandiose of creation.
The trees of different species
Of big and small, short and tall
The little plants and the tiny grass
His gesture He carries through them all.

The animals on this vast earth
And those which sojourning the atmosphere above
The worms in the earth and the beetles in the tree trunk
Reflect His ingenuity, a language simply subtle.
The murmurs of the wind
This chants a soothing melody
The light and the heat of sun and moon
All speaks the language of Him.

Among the changing seasons
And, amidst rain and shine
God speaks to us in myriad colors
Like the serenity of autumnal moment.
Through tsunamis, earthquakes and typhoon
God speaks too, with gigantic energy
In destruction and reconstruction He speaks loud
Yet, humankind deciphers them differently.

The flutter of butterfly wings
The darting of cobra's tongue
The strength of an elephant
In them all, He engages with His words.
He speaks and speaks
Among humankind, He speaks the most
Through various gestures, expressions and movements
Hardly have we realized that He is speaking non-stop.

He speaks in death
He speaks in birth
He speaks to us
He speaks for us
Think not that He speaks not
His languages, He speaks unceasingly.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 060510.


  1. Well said Mahendran - would that more knew His presence as deeply as you do.