Sunday, May 02, 2010


Thinking back the good old days
When life was a heavenly play
Between school and home
Between movies and friends
Between food and games.

Reminiscing the olden ways and plays
Freedom of the rural fraternity
Flowed liberally from one person to another
Intermittent pains provided hope for bliss
Homework was a nuisance
Teachers were nagging hells
School was a playground
And, classrooms were filled with fun.

Ambitious indeed each and everyone in the class
To become everything possible
Yet without nearing the books
And, completing homework
Hopes and ambitions ran high
Only to be whisked away with poor results.

Life was then a heavenly play
With butterflies to catch and grasshoppers to chase
Climbing trees and jumping into the mining pools
Kites to fly high, and ball to play soccer
Game of hockey and badminton escaped not
Our goal to be champion of the champions
With least efforts, and no pain at all.

The hills of green and the forest in the valley
The wilderness embraced everything wild including us,
Running around playing hide and seek in the rain
While catching the glinting raindrops
With friends, cousins and many others unknown as well.

The life then was a life different
I knew well what I was
But not what I am.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 300410.

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