Sunday, August 09, 2009



Over the deprived emotions
When everything runs against us
And, because of someone we love
Our happiness become sorrow,
Under the weight of our shadow
We stand lamenting the fate, created,
By people we trust so much in life

Befuddled and confronted with pain
The fingers we point at those who cause it.
Human nature intrinsically sick at times
In expectations life is motioned daily,
Failing to see dreams fulfilled
Hatred we raise in place of love
Because we think we know
The ones we love
Until usurped by their selfishness
We smear oil on our palms
And try to climb life’s pole.

We think we know
The ones we love,

Whom we know not
Whether we truly love.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 080809.


  1. Very deep. Let everything flows just like the river.Very meaningful write.

  2. sorry to say I've been there
    happy to say I am whole again.
    took a few minutes, just long enough to realize she was sick not I.
    Never let a misplaced trust drag you down. rise above it look down and smile because they are the ones with tortured souls. not us'
    wipe the oil off and climb...climb...climb

  3. Poignant!I second almost verbatim what Grizz said! Make "Tortured no more" your motto!! All the best!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. there is nothing like the betrayal of family. I think we kind of expect it to some degree by those we don't know, but when a loved one betrays us in whatever way then that is the blow that leaves us gasping for breath.

    Nicely written

  5. its for you to chose -- be be happy or sad with your one is responsible for that, Cyclop :)

    selfishness first kills the possessor and then others.....Long back we spoke of it, i guess

    it only takes a breath to change the perspective...but then a selfish person will always be selfish....and so these cycles repeat...let it..we might need to do that to accomodate others :)


  6. hi....
    overcome sorrow and bring happiness..
    that's the teaching of ife...
    well said....

  7. Always hurt the one you love...?

  8. Old Grizz said it all! Beautifully written.

  9. I think Old Grizz spoke for all of us here. All I can say is thanks for taking part with such a powerful contribution. Keith

  10. I've been there too. Disappointed by things I had no idea about.

    It's a very sad part of life.

  11. You've painted a sad but real picture of disillusion and disappointment in feeling betrayed by those we love. Love what Old Grizz had to say about it. :)

  12. so deep and so sad, try to forget bad things that happened in your life and see the bright side of life, problems and heartaches were made to conquer and see God hands heal all our pains, nice poem!

  13. This has gotta be one of my favorite pieces from you.